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Invoice # - invoice number is generated based on the Next Invoice # in the Setup module.

Reference # - The order number the invoice was generated for.

Balance due- Calculated field showing the balance due on the invoice.

Invoice Date – Automatically populated based on the date the invoice was generated.

Terms – Invoice terms for that customer.

Due Date – Due date based on the invoice date and the terms.

PO# - If the order being invoiced has a PO number, the PO number will carry over to this field.

Billing Status– If you are syncing SME with QuickBooks, the billing status will be imported from QuickBooks. You can use this field to void an invoice, or click Actions > Void Invoice. Make sure you uncheck Export to QuickBooks so SQLink doesn’t try to sync the voided invoice.

Invoice Type – This field is not editable and shows the type of invoice (combined, itemized, partial, fixed, dollar amount, percent)