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Details and Settings tab

Item Name

Name of the inventory item


Description of the inventory item

Item Cost

Your cost to buy this item


The amount you sell this item for


Select a general condition for the item.


You can customize the drop down values to describe the status of the items

Default Location

Select the warehouse you are using to store this item. When adding material to orders, SME will first look in the default location.

Man. Part Number

Manufacturer part number


Select the Class. Classes are imported from QuickBooks.

Shelf and Bin

Enter where you are storing the item in the warehouse

HW and SW Version

Hardware and Software Version

Item Number

You can type the barcode number here

System Type

Used to designate major systems of inventory or customer equipment.

Group code

Used to group or categorize parts. For example, plumbing, electrical, etc.

Cust. Warranty Months

Enter the warranty period you offer your customers for this part

Vendor Warranty Months

Enter the warranty period your vendor offers you

Labor Hours

Enter the estimated labor hours associated with this item. When this item is added to an order, your user will be prompted to add those labor hours in the Labor Editor window.


Enter mean time before failure is applicable

Non –Taxable

Check here if this item is non-taxable

Add to Cust EQ

If this is checked, when this item is added to an order, the item will be automatically added to the customer equipment list. Check this for all major items.

Is Active

Check if the item is active


Check here if this is a serialized part

Maintain Price Books

When the cost/retail is changed in the price book (depending on settings), then all records with this flag checked will also be updated.


Check here if you don’t want to track inventory on this item. For example, with a bucket of screws you might not want to count every item in the bucket.