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On this tab, you can track the site, billing and mailing address using the tabs along the left. All of these addresses can be the same or they could all be different.

If the site, billing and mailing information is the same:

  1. Fill out the Site tab with the company and address information.
  2. Select the Billing tab.
  3. Click Set From Site (circled in image below).
  4. The address from the Site tab will populate the Billing tab.
  5. Select the Mailing tab.
  6. Click Set From Site.
  7. The address from the Site tab will populate the Mailing tab.

In some cases you may have one customer you are working with and you have multiple job sites for them. You can create a parent child relationship. If you do this, you could look up the parent company and find all of the related “child” companies.

To create a parent – child company structure:

First, create a company record for the “parent” company. Usually the information on the Site and Billing tab for the parent is going to be the same. When that is created, you can then create the "child".

  1. Create a company record for the “child” company.
  2. On the Site tab, enter the job site information.
  3. In the “child” record, select the Billing tab.
  4. Click Select Billing Company.
  5. In the window that displays, select the billing or “parent” company.
  6. Click Save in the "child" company record.
  7. Notice the Full Name for the “child” company.

To see all “child’ companies for the “parent” company

  1. Select the “parent” company.
  2. Select the Associated Companies tab.
  3. All related “child” companies will be listed.

To add a contact to a company record

  1. Click your cursor in the Contact field.
  2. Type the contact name.
  3. Tab to the next field and the Contact Editor will display. (image on the right)
  4. Fill out the contact information.
  5. Click OK.

Account #

Based on the settings your SME Administrator setup, this field is auto populated when you save the company record.


Displays the amount due for all open invoices for the customer. This is a calculation and it is not an editable field.


Select from the salesperson in the Salesperson drop down. The names in this drop down are determined by your SME Administrator.


The drop down can be customized by your SME Administrator. Once you collect this information for your customers, you can sort your customers by division.


This is a text field to type a quick message that is visible here on the Details and Settings tab.


Type the customers website address

Location Warehouse location for customer equipment in your warehouse


The messages box contains a list of emailed notifications, as well as calculated data based on current information. For example if account is past due, if maintenance/warranty has expired, when the next activity is scheduled for the customer, etc. Clearing the message clears the notification messages, but the calculated messages are always there.