Customer Equipment on Contract

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When viewing your customer equipment, you can see if the equipment is covered on a maintenance contract, see the contract expiration date, and see the SLA category the equipment is assigned to on the contract.

  1. Go to Customers > Customer Equipment.
  2. Click Customer/Site and double click on the customer record.
  3. Customer’s equipment list will display.
  4. Double click, on equipment to view the details.
  5. Select the Maintenance tab.
  6. Review the following fields:
  • Maintenance Expiration – this date is populated from the Maintenance Contract, Date of Expiration field. If the Date of Expiration is changed on the Maintenance Contract, then the Maintenance Expiration date is changed on the Customer Equipment window to reflect that change.
  • SLA Category – the Service Level Agreement assigned to the equipment in the contract.
  • Current Contract # - this number is populated from the Maintenance Contract, Contract # field.

Customerequipment maintenancetab2.jpg