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Below you will see a description of the settings available in CustomerPortal for SME.
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Hide All Open Orders and All Open Issues tabs

When you log into CustomerPortal, you will see the the following tabs. You can hide the All Open Issues and All Open Orders tab.
- Job Sites tab - Show you all the job sites you can click into so you can see details for the site.
- All Open Issues tab (can hide) - Shows you all open issues across all the job sites.
- All Open Orders tab (can hide)- Shows you all open orders across all the job sites.
CustomerPortal AllOpenIssuesOrdersTab.png

Hide Site Tabs

You can hide any of the following tabs:
Issues - View and add issues for the job site
Service - View and add service orders for the job site
Install - View and add install orders for the job site
Invoice - View invoices for the job site
Equipment - View equipment for the job site and request service for equipment
Documents - View documents added to the jobs site in SME Database
CustomerPortal HideTabs.png

Hide "New" Buttons

If you would like your customer to enter a new service order, install order, or issue, they can go to the corresponding tab and click New Service, New Install, or New Issue. You can hide the New Service, New Install and New Issue buttons if you do not want them to be able to enter records.
CustomerPortal NewButtons.png

Hide Order Status

When customers are entering new orders they will see the Order Status field. You can hide this field and the default status assigned to the order will be "Entered in CP".
CustomerPortal HideStatus.png

Hide "Close" Button

If you would like your customers to be able to close Issues, Service Orders, or Install Orders, they can click the Close button.
You can hide the Close button on the Service and Install tabs if you do not want them to have the ability to close the records.
CustomerPortal CloseButton.png