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SME Custom Tabs and Fields allows a Button function. This will allow you to call ANY executable (exe) program to run providing tremendous customization power.

Here is how the button function works.

  • When the button is created, add the link to the exe file, for example c:\mypath\myexe in the 'Pick List'
  • User clicks the button within SME's custom tab
  • SME first checks to see if file exsits, then calls a system open.
  • SME appends the customrecord data UID and the moduleID, so it looks like c:\mypath\myexe uid moduleid
  • The UID is SME's unique identifier for the record from where the button was pushed.
  • The moduleID is the module that initiate the button call. So if the button is called from Customer module, the moduleID is 5. Below is the module ID table.

moduleid modulename

  • 1 Leads
  • 1 Sales
  • 5 Customer
  • 6 Contracts
  • 8 Service
  • 9 Install
  • 15 Inventory
  • 18 Vendors
  • 26 Issue
  • 35 Equip. Dialog