Create PO from the inventory item

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Create a purchase order from the inventory item will generate a PO for the default vendor assigned to the inventory item. (Enter the default vendor in the vendor field on the Ordering Information tab of the inventory item.)

1. Go to the Inventory item you need to place a PO for.
2. Click Actions > New Purchase Order.
3. SME will jump to a new Purchase with the default vendor for the material in the Vendor tab.
4. Click the PO Items tab.
5. Click New.
6. In the Add Items to Order window, click I.png next to the Item Name field. (circled in image below).

I Circled.png

7. Select the material from the inventory list.
8. Click OK.
9. Enter any shipping instructions in Shipping Notes.


10. Save the Purchase Order.

To print the PO

  1. Click Print/ Email.
  2. To print, select Standard Purchase Order.
  3. To email, select Email Standard Purchase Order.