Changing Material Quantities on Orders

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If you already added material to an order and need to edit the item to either increase or decrease the quantity, you need to be aware of what happens to the allocated or reserved quantities on the Stock Details tab of the item.

Decreasing Quantity for Allocated Items

Go to the Order Item tab and edit the item you need to decrease quantities for
Click the Stock Details tab. In the image below there are 5 allocated.

Change the quantity to 2 on the Item tab or on the Stock Details tab

Click the Stock Details tab
Click Select Stock

Double click on the stock lot you want to reserve the 2 from and click OK

The stock reserved is now two

Decreasing Quantity for Reserved Items

If you add a material item with quantity of 5 and the 5 are reserved, you will need to release the the 5 back into stock and reselect stock to reserve the correct quantity.

Go to the Order Item tab and edit the material you need to decrease quantity on.
Enter the new lower quantity in the Quantity field
Click the Stock Details tab
Select the stock that is reserved and click Delete in the lower left corner (image below)

Once the reserved stock is cleared, click Select Stock.

In the window that opens, select the stock lot you want to reserve from.
Back on the Stock Details tab you will see the correct amount reserved.

Click OK.

Increase Material Quantity on an Order

Item is added to the order with a quantity of 2. The Stock Details tab shows 2 allocated:

On Item tab, increase the quantity to 5 and click OK.
On the Order Item tab, double click on the material to open up again.
When you open the Item up again, you will see on the Stock Details tab, you will see another stock added for the difference (3). They will be split into two lines.

If you prefer one line of stock reserved instead of two, delete both stock lines by highlighting the stock line and clicking delete in lower left corner (image below).

After deleting the two stock lines, click Select Stock.

In the search window that opens, select the stock lot you want to reserve the full quantity from.