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What are UID’s and why are they important when importing?

When you create a record in SME, there is a UID (unique identifier) assigned to the record.
A customer record has a UID
A contact has a UID
An inventory item has a UID
A vendor has a UID

If you are importing a child/site customer and you need to link the site customer to a billing customer, you need to use the billing customer's UID to link to the site customer.

Also, all of the drop down values throughout SME have UIDs. For example, each value in the Division drop down (Image 1) below has a UID. To get the UID associated with each drop down value, you need to export the Division table out of SME (see Image 2 below)
Import Image1.png

If you are importing into a drop down list, you need to include the UID for the drop down value.
For example, if I am importing customer records into the customer table and need to include “division” in the import, I would need to include the DivisionUID

CustomerImport Image3.png
This way, when the customers are imported, the division drop down is populated:

CustomerImport Image4.png

How to export a table to get the UIDs

1.Go to Utilities module > Utilities > Export Data and click Run It.
2.In the Export Window, select the table you need to export
3.Move the following fields from the source field side to the destination field side: UID and Name
4.In Output Directory field, select your desktop
5.In the Output Filename, enter a name that ends in .csv (e.g. DivisionTable.csv)
6.Click start. When completed, go to your desktop and open the file.