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SME Barcode Install


  1. On the MT-2090 Scroll and select Config...
  2. Scroll to and select Configure USB
  3. Scroll to ActiveSync and press ENT then Close


  1. Scroll to and select Wireless Companion (Also inside Config)
  2. If the second to bottom item says 'Disable Radio', Scroll to it and press ENT
  3. If Not, scroll to Exit Press ENT then Answer yes to the Pop-Up window.


  1. Plug the Device into your Computer using the USB cable that came with the Device.
  2. You should see a window telling you you've plugged in a device (possibly installing drivers)
  3. You should also be able to see the device in Windows Explorer under Computer.


  1. High5 Support or Sales will provide you with the installer file.
  2. Double click on SMEBarcodeInstaller.msi
  3. Follow the on Screen Prompts and select Default Directory when asked.


  1. Once the install process is finished on the device (You can squeeze the trigger to display the screen on the device pressing keys activates that key and could interrupt the install process)
  2. Squeeze the Trigger and the '2' button together for at least 10 sec. The device screen will flash white then go black and then go white again at this point you can release the button and trigger.
  3. This is called a Cold-Boot if the device ever starts to act funny you can perform this and it will return to normal.
  4. Once the device boots you should see SME Barcode as the first item on the list.

Enabling wifi on the device:

  1. On the MT-2090, scroll and select Config..
  2. Scroll to and select Wireless Companion
  3. Select Find WLAN's scroll to the desired one and press ENT and select Connect.
  4. Follow the wizard entering your information using the TAB key and Direction buttons. press the yellow button to enable/disable the letters on each number pad. (press the number -rapidly, multiple times to cycle through letters lowercase the upper
  5. You will need to set your wireless mode properly, please check with your admin on how to setup the wifi. The following are specific settings for the wifi:
    1. Profile Name: This can be any descriptive name
    2. ESSID: This must match your wifi name and will match the same name that you would see on a PC or SmartPhone when you scan for wifi networks.
    3. Operating Mode: Infrastructure is the most common. Ad-hoc requires a lot more settings.
    4. Country: USA most likely.
    5. Security Modes: This should match your security setting on the wifi. Below are some descriptions of options:
      1. Legacy(Pre-WPA): This is used for WEP systems
    6. Authentication: None is most common
    7. Encryption (The following settings are if you are WEP or Legacy (Pre-WPA) settings:
      1. Open: If your wifi has no encryption.
      2. WEP-40
      3. WEP-128
    8. Preshared Key: If your security key is 26 numbers, then most likely youare using Hexadecimal Keys rather than Pass-Phrase. Be sure to set the option for Hexadecimal or Pass-Phrase to match your wifi setting.
    9. UNCHECK "For added security- Mask characters entered". This is VERY important because this device is so hard to enter letters and characters, if you can't see the entered data, you will probably make a mistake. This does not affect your security except whil you are entering the password. To uncheck this, tab to that field and then select the 0 key.
      1. When you get to the screen that says Profile Entry Encryption, type: tab to the check box saying "For added security - Mask Characters entered" Enable letters using the yellow button and press 0 This should unselect the check box.
    10. For Hexadecimal, enter the code in Key 1.
  6. Once again select Wireless companion and Options
  7. Cycle through the listbox until you get to Regulatory
  8. TAB to Enable 802.11d and deselect this using same process as previously for check boxes.
  9. TAB to Save and press ENT
  10. Disable letters using the yellow button
  11. Press the blue button and ESC
  12. You should see signal bars in the top right of the screen
  13. Once at the Config screen press 0 to return to the Home screen

It's a good idea to test the wifi to make sure it's working properly as it's possible to see the wireless bars, but not really have proper access.

  1. From the main screen select Configure>Wireless Companion>Wireless Diagnostics>Ping or Traceroute.
  2. Enter a IP address such as which is accessible from anywhere and accepts pings (and is a little easier to enter).
  3. Select Enter
  4. If your wifi is setup properly, you should see a successful Rx or traceroute.
  5. If you are not getting a successful receive on the ping or traceroute, then you will need to reconfigure your wifi settings. You will need to get help from the wifi network admin because there are numerous wifi settings and passwords that High 5 Software would not know.


Note: This section is only required if you have not setup webservice for SME yet. The same webservice is used for TechPortal, Android for SME, CustomerPortal, SubcontractorPortal, and incoming Automated email for SME, so if you already have these products, you will not need to re-install the webservice.

If you do not have WebServices, go to this page for installation instructions: SME Web Services Installation Guide or CustomerPortal and TechPortal Install Guide

Use the Barcode

After this is complete please visit our wiki site on how to use the barcode device. Barcode_for_SME