Bad Debt Write-off

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Common Question: How do I deal with an invoice that the customer is not going to pay?

I have an invoice that has both parts and labor. After we did the work, the customer declares bankruptcy. Do I just delete the invoice? Will the parts go back into inventory? I don’t want that to happen, since we did put the parts on the customer’s equipment.

Also, do I have to zero out the price on all of the parts and labor first?

Suggested solutions, pick one:

  1. Add a service item to the order/invoice with a negative amount of the whole. It's recommended to have a service item for "discounts" so this can be used. Service items can have a negative amount.
  2. Create a "balancing payment". Go to the invoice and to the payments tab and select Balancing Payment and it will record a payment for the total amount. It will ask if you want to sync it to QB which I would probably say no in this case and then manage the write off in QB separately.