Backing up your SME database using MS SQL Management Studio

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1. Open Management Studio from the Windows task bar.
2. Logon to your MS SQL Server instance.
3. Expand the databases object in the Object Explorer.
4. Click on and highlight your database. Right click and select Tasks.
5. From the Tasks menu select Back Up.
6. The Backup Database Dialogue will open.
7. In the Backup Set area, enter a name and description for the backup.
8. In the Destination select Disk and Add.
9. Click the 'button and browse to your backup folder. Note: the default location is in the install folder of the MS SQL Instance.

Default location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.SMESERVERR2\MSSQL\Backup
You can also choose your own folder.

10. Select your destination and name your backup:

Note: you must give the backup the extension of 'bak' or you will not be able to restore the backup.

11. Click Ok to the file name and Ok to the 'Select Backup Destination'.
12. Click on the line with the backup set.
13. Click Ok and the backup will start.