Automatic Copy of Custom Fields

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SME custom fields are extremely powerful because they will automatically copy from one module to another. For example if you have custom fields on a customer and the same custom fields on a service order, it will copy the values from the customer to the service order. This will allow you to have that customer information available for that service order and it also will be a snapshot at that time.

Here are the rules for successful copy from one module to the other:

  • Custom fields must be the exact same Field Name in both modules
  • Custom field must be the exact same Field Type and Field Length
  • They do NOT have to have the same Description, layout attributes or tab names because you may want to layout differently in one module versus the next

Here are the copy rules from one module to the other.

  • From Module ==> To Module
  • Sales Lead to Proposal
  • Sales Lead to Customer
  • Customer to Proposal
  • Proposal to Orders (Service, Install, Invoice, or Recurring)
  • Customer to Service Order, Install Order or Invoice
  • Inventory to Customer Equipment
  • Issues to Service, Install, Proposal, or Knowledgebase
  • Vendor to PO
  • Orders (Service, Install) to PO. Note that it first copies from Vendor to PO and then Order to PO so avoid having the same custom names in both vendors and orders.
  • Customer Equipment to Order if it's a repair (Not sure if this is available yet, maybe just a future request).
  • Recurring Order to Orders
  • Recurring Invoice to Invoice