Automated Emails for SME

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Automated Emails for SME

Automated Emails is an add on for SME which allows your customers to send an email and either a service order or help desk issue ticket is generated in SME. It is the latest version of the Field Scheduler.

Incoming Emails Provide an email address to your customer and all incoming emails to that address either create a service order or a help desk issue with customer contact information and work requested filled out from the email.

Outgoing Emails Depending on the options enabled, detailed emails are sent to the customers of issues and service/install orders when the following occurs: New issue opened Issue closed New service order opened Service order closed New install order opened Install order closed

In addition, emails can be sent to the Administrator of SME when a specific customer frequently opens issues.

Field Technician Scheduling Automated Emails also enhances SME's field technician dispatch capabilities providing automatic integration with your technician's calendar.

When a field technician is assigned to a work order, either through SME's Dispatch board or in SME's Labor Editor, your technician will automatically receive a meeting request in their email client. The meeting request can be easily accepted or rules setup in your email client to automatically accept. The calendar item will provide your technician with the order number, customer name, site address and services requested. Any replies to the meeting request will be sent back to your dispatch manager.Click here to see a demo video on how this works.