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High 5 Software will create an Admin User and provide the Username and Password for you.
You will need to login as the Admin User and setup all the users with usernames and passwords in SME Mobile Master

Click Login in upper right corner
Enter the Admin Username and Password provided by High 5 Software and click Log in


When you log in, you will see all of your SME Users listed. Move the users that will need a SME Mobile login over to the blue box on the right.

Click the + sign to the left of the tech’s name and enter a user name in the User Name field. Click Save.


Once SME Mobile User Names are assigned to each tech that needs one, the users can now log into SME Mobile at
Each tech will have the same password as the Admin Users password.

To change each users password, click Log off in upper right corner of SME Master

Log in as the tech, using the User Name you assigned to the tech and the same password that was assigned to the Admin User.


Scroll down to the Change Password section. Enter current password and the new password.
The password needs to be a minimum of 6 characters