Apply Deposit to Invoice

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If a customer has a deposit on account, you can apply the deposit to an invoice.


Enter a deposit for a customer

  1. Go to the customer.
  2. Click the Customer History tab.
  3. Click the Deposits tab.
  4. Click New and enter the deposit.


Apply deposit on an invoice

When generating an invoice from an order, if there is a deposit on account for customer, you will be prompted to apply the deposit to the invoice (image below). Enter the amount of the deposit you want to apply. If the full amount of the invoice is entered, the invoice will be closed.


If you click Cancel, the invoice will be generated as an open invoice. You can later apply the deposit to the invoice.

  1. Click Actions > Apply Deposit.
  2. In the Apply Prepayment window enter the amount of the deposit to apply to the invoice.
  3. Click OK.