Add items to the PO from orders

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1. Go to Purchase Orders in Inventory Module.

2. Click New and select the vendor. The vendor information will populate the Vendor tab on Details and Settings.

3. Fill out the rest of the fields on Details and Settings tab.

PO DetailsAndSettings.png

  • PO # - This number will be auto-populated by SME.
  • Reference # - this field will be populated with the PO#. You can edit this field as necessary.
  • Date – Date you created the PO
  • Due Date – Select the date the parts are due in. You can sort by this field in the search window to manage your purchase orders.
  • Customer – Click Customer to add the customer name to the PO. You can sort by this field in the search window.
  • Taken By – The SME user that created the PO.
  • Requested By – You can select the SME user that requested the PO.
  • Approved By – Select the SME user that approved the PO.
  • PO Status – You can customize this field to reflect the milestones each PO goes through (e.g. ready for approval, approved, sent to vendor, received). You can sort by this field in the search window.

4. Click Actions and select Add Items from Service, Add Items from Install or Add Items from Invoice.

5. The Search window will open with all Service, Install or Invoices.

6. Double click on an order and the materials on the order will display.


7. Double click on the material you want to add to the purchase order.

8. Select the PO Items tab. Notice the material selected listed here.

9. Repeat steps 4-7 to add additional materials on order to the PO.

10. Click Shipping Notes to add shipping notes to the PO.

11. Click Save.

To print or email the PO

  1. Click Print/ Email.
  2. To print, select Standard Purchase Order.
  3. To email, select Email Standard Purchase Order.