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To add custom fields to a standard order item report, you will need to have the report query edited by high5 support and then you can follow the steps below.


This example will show how to add custom fields to a copy of the Standard Order Ticket - Order Item report.

Step 1: First you will need to duplicate your report

1. Go to Reports module > Customize reports
2. Search the standard reports for the Standard Order Ticket - Order Item report ( or another standard order item report that you want to use as a template)
3. Click Duplicate Report.
4. Enter a new short name for the report.
5. Click Save
6. Click Open Report Designer
7. Click File > Save As
8. In the File Name field, enter a name for the report such as Serviceorder.rtm and click Save.
9. Close the Report Designer
Click the box to the right of the filename field and select the file you saved in step 8 above.

Step 2: Edit the query

1. Click the Advanced tab on the report
2. In the SQL Statement box on the left, right click and choose select all (or just highlight all) and delete
3. Open the text file with the query that was sent you by support and copy the contents
4. Past the contents into the SQL Statement box
5. Click Save at the top of the report.

Step 3: Put the custom fields on the report using the Report Designer

1. Click Open Report Designer
2. Pull the header section down so you have room to put the new fields (image below)
3. Locate the Data Tree in the upper right corner of report designer and select report query. Below that you will see a lot of field names. Toward the bottom of the list you will see your custom fields. In this example it is Year, Make, Model, etc. (image below)
5. After you moved and placed all the fields, you can always use the tools at the top of report designer to change the font size or font type.
6. Click File > Save. You may be prompted to select the same filename again to save over it.

Step 4: Go to a service order and view the report

1. Go to your service order that has the custom fields filled out
2. Click Print / Email and select your report to see the custom fields showing