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An activity can be created to remind you or another SME user to follow up on a lead, customer, service order, invoice, and more. You can set an activity in the modules throughout SME and you can manage your activities in the Activity window.

Create an Activity

You can create an activity for a lead, proposal, customer, service order, invoice and more. In this example we are creating an activity in a Lead.
1. In the lead, click Activities > Set Activity/Set Follow-up. (image below)

2. In the Activity Editor window, enter the activity details and click OK.

Opened By - The SME user that created the activity
Work Group - You can assign the activity to a Work Group (group of SME users). Your SME Administrator has to setup the Work Groups.
Assigned To - You can assign the activity to an individual SME user.
Date/Time - Set the date the activity is due.
Set Reminder to Activity Date and Time - Check here and at the date/time set in the Activity Editor the activity will display in the alerts section in the lower left corner of SME.
Notes - Enter a description for the activity such as what the activity is for.

View All Activities

To see a list of all activities, click Activities in the Main Form Elements toolbar. (circled in image below) ClickActivitiesButton.png

In the Activity window, you can set whose activities you are viewing (1), select the day(s) you are viewing activities for (2), see a list of activities (3), and take action on the activities (4).


1 - Show Activities For. When you open the Activities window, it will default to your activities. You can use this field to select the SME User you would like to see activities for or select All Users.
2 - Calendar. When you create an activity you set a date on the activity. When viewing activities you can see the activities for one day or for all days. Click Show for All Days to see all activities or click Show for Selected Day and select the specific day on the calendar.
3 - Activities. This area shows all of the activities due for the date selected on the calendar. Double click on an activity and SME jumps to the source. Rearrange the order of the columns and remove columns you don’t want to view by clicking  in the upper left corner of the grid.
4 - Edit, Jump, Delete, etc. Select an activity and you can jump to the source (the record the task was created in), edit the activity, delete the activity or create a new activity.

Alerts section

If an activity that either you created or someone else created and assigned to you has the Set Activity Reminder to Date and Time checked, when the alert is due the activity will show in the Alerts section (circled in image below).


To open the activity window, click Openbutton.png next to the activity.


The Activity Window will open where you can read the reason or notes on the activity. Click Jump To Source and SME will open the record you created the activity in.

In the Alerts section, you can click CheckToClose.png to mark the activity complete.