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On this tab you will find your customer’s account information. Depending on the permissions set by your SME Administrator, this tab may be hidden from view. At the bottom of the tab, find the customer’s balance due.


Select the default billing terms for the customer. When creating an invoice, you can always change the terms.

Purchase Order Required

If checked, any service or install order created for the customer will require a PO# to be entered on the order.

Tax ID

Type in the customers Tax ID

Finance Charge

Enter the finance charge


Enter the source of this customer

Printed Comments

If this field is on a report, the text typed in the field will display on the report (e.g. invoice, orders)

Last Service

Date populated based on the latest Date Opened field on the companies work orders. The Date Opened field is auto-populated with the date you created the order, but it can be changed.

Customer Since

The date field is auto-populated with the date you created the company record. You can change the date as necessary.

Business Type

You can select the type of business. This drop down list can be customized by your SME Administrator.

Business Hours

As a reference, type the business hours.

Primary Technician

When you add labor to an order for this company, the primary technician will populate the Technician field on the Labor Editor. You can select another technician in the Labor Editor as needed.

Secondary Technician

Select a secondary technician. In an order for the customer, you can reference the secondary technician field.

Warn on Past Due

The following message will populate the message field on Details and Settings tab: “Account is past due”


If you are syncing SME with QuickBooks, this drop down should match your Class list is QuickBooks.

Converted from Sales on

Auto-populated date showing when you converted the company from a Lead to a Customer. No date will display if the company was created directly in the customer module. This date cannot be edited.