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Version Update Module Action Fixed Recurring Invoices Getting 'Error End Date Must be set - even when it was set Fixed Inventory Transfers not happening on first click of 'Transfer All' Fixed Setup Warehouse error when renaming a warehouse Added Service / Install / Invoice Check for and prompt when invoicing an order with jit items. Fixed PO Prompting to export Bill when only PO option was selected Fixed Recurring Invoices Added back missing recurrance information Fixed Recurring Invoices Query for minimum date for generating recurring invoices Fixed Import Vendor information not allowing correct mapping Fixed Utilities Importing to some fields, like zone & zone UID, were not updating Fixed Customers Account number not getting generated when 'auto-generate' account number was set Fixed Activities Clone activity button Added System Login name is now a required field, even if not using login names (due to a unique index ) Fixed Work Group Editor Work Group Cloning logic. Also fixed on : payroll/wage items and price books Modified Work Group Editor Relabeled and moved 'clone' and 'delete' buttons. Also fixed on : payroll/wage items and price books Fixed Work Group Editor Deleting payroll item does not clear from user Fixed Customers Lookup was referencing a legacy subcontractors table when adding a subcontractor to a customer. Added Orders / Labor Editor When adding labor in labor editor, if tech is subcontractor, initialize labor cost from service item. Fixed Itemized Invoice wonkiness while editing mat item on itemized invoice - CNR current version. Fixed Invoice Editing Itemized invoice material grid was not properly closing Fixed System Corrected issue with U.K. taxes Added Ordes / Invoicing Prompt if JIT or allocated item is found when invoicing an order Fixed Inventory Ability to reconcile a single item that had no stock in any warehouse Modified Payments Selecting clear all' - will now not show when paying a single invoice Modified Customers Prompt when changing billable company to alert user that if the customer is in QB than QB must be in single user mode and that if there are payments - QB will not allow the move. Modified International Modified SME/SQLink to use Canadian settings for U.K. import. Fixed Issues Activities from issues - fixed initializing company name on activity. Fixed Users Inactive users shown in assigned to list. Fixed Users Check for actual password change to open confirm password validation. Fixed Inventory Last Sold/Purchased info not updating Fixed Combined Invoices Adding items to an order that has been combined invoiced was re-invoicing items already invoiced in the initial invoice. Fixed Inventory Adding items to an order that has been combined invoiced was not updating inventory sold counts if the item was reserved instead of delivered Fixed Users Item Repair tab not hiding when unchecked for a user. Modified Customer Equipment Added 'Is Equipment' flag to Customer Equipment tab since all items show and users may only want to view actual equipment. Fixed Proposal Class not updating on Service items when set on Rates & Adjustments tab. Note: Existing Proposals with this issue will require that the items be re-added to get the class to display. Modified Purchase Orders Added : prompt to export bill, if Purchase Order options include exporting bills, after items are recirved (instead of autosetting to export) Manually set the flag. Fixed Common Services Was being put in Edit mode twice causing editing a 2nd service impossible without closing and re-opening the program. Fixed Proposals Cloning proposal was initially showing all items instead of the cloned proposal's items. Fixed Orders Can't use drop downs when editing an itemized invoice. Fixed Backup Backups from tools was taking too long to complete. Modified to match that used during an update. Fixed Recurring Invoices Now prompts the user to enter an end date since no end date equals infinate loop for regeneration of invoice. Fixed Rolodex Rolodex search not working Fixed Conversion Tech to user error when converting from 6.3 Fixed Invoicing Issue with code table and invoicing Fixed Partial Invoice Issue with temp table and partial invoices returning ##temp table not found after attempting to invoice a second invoice. Fixed RMA Double receiving on RMA items when returned to stock. Modified SQLink Major changes to SQLink code due to QuickBooks 2010 SDK changes. Modified System Rounding issues when creating invoices. Fixed Invoicing ##Temp Table error when creating a second invoice. Fixed Customer: Sub Contractors Missing fieldname causing error when jumping from subcontractor in customer to Vendor module. Fixed Vendors Lookup list for preferred techs was looking at an obsolete tech table. Fixed Orders Implemented fixes regarding order line items being added/ modified from order details tab. Fixed Orders "Rates & Assignments tab: ""Assigned To"". this field is always populating with Alex Lobe. It isn't updating with the technician on the labor editor. " Fixed Invoices Error when generating percentage invoice - tblCodes not found. None All Not released Fixed Reports Setting parameters in docs module Added Dispatch Change color based on completed status - uses the closed order colors from company setup Fixed Grids Work Group name missing. None All Not released Fixed Proposals Deleting mat item from proposal from materials tab Fixed Invoicing Invoicing an order after the code table had been used, and there is an error invoicing the order and the secondary logic has to take place. Modification Reports Modified transaction logic for reports. Modification Rounding Set currency to be rounded to 2 decimals regardless of Regional & Local settings. Fixed Proposal Error deleting item from Proposal Order Details Tab. Fixed Recurring Orders If blank line was created it could not be deleted. Modification Various Currency formatting hard coded in a few places. (Note : cannot fix for grid summarized totals). Fixed Prepaid Used Incorrect field name error - billedhours. Fixed Recurring orders Added block - custuid must be initialized Fixed Combo Boxes Backspace was no longer triggering event to initialize fields from combos. Modification PO Vendor email missing from form. To be implemented in 7.1 Fixed Customer Incorrect field name 'mainexp' causing error on setting the customer as inactive. Modification Conversion Rewrote ordertech conversion logic to 'spread out' prepaids and invoiced counts. (Tech Code 1014) Fixed Proposals Service item linkup dropping items when adding from service items and looking at the order items details page Fixed RMA Return SME was attempting to apply link status to non-existent items when processing an RMA return receipt which was creating two records. Fixed Dispatch / To Do Lost list source on drop down not filling the list with the techs. Pointed it to use the tech source from dispatch (which is already filtered out by zone and workgroup). Modification Projects Moved check boxes over, so they no longer covered up 1/2 the W, making it look like a V. Also fixed lost Print button. Modification Data Connections to MS SQL Server Raised the connection timeout setting to 10 minutes as MS SQL is randomly dropping connections. Fixed Inventory Initialize vendor item manufacturer from inventory Fixed Inventory Requirement for item number. Fixed Invoicing When converting dollar and percentage invoices, if input amount = remaining balance, invoice at 100 % instead of calculated %. Fixed Contracts Parameter list for the mapping of the phone fields. Fax & Mobile were swapped on save. Fixed Reports Made improvements to report designing module (i.e., when testing the query, test with what is in the editor, not what is in the table) Fixed Export Utility Grid not assigned error in export Modified Inventory Reconciliation Enabled the accept flag so user can accept 0 physical count as a valid number without having to repeatedly enter zero. Modified Inventory Reconciliation Now exports the reconciliation to Excel. Fixed Invoice UID would be too when generating invoices from orders. Modified Invoice Set to iterate through the table and assign a new UID where the UID would be too long. May slow invoice processing. Fixed Dispatch Order detail table record not getting deleted when a labor record is deleted. Fixed Customer Balance Added a final recalc balances when payment is posted to correct rounding issues. Modified Inventory Recalculate On Hand, Available, and Reserved Reset order quaintly calculation and totals. Modified Inventory Not released Fixed Recurring Orders AClass not copied to details when entering an order. Fixed Recurring Invoice Editing existing service item had field error. Modified Conversion Changed tech conversion order of events to first look for the name, then the user name. Fixed Customer Equipment Initialization of On Hand inventory when adding custequipment unrelated to an order. Added Tech Code Auto Run to correct custequip and mat detail issues arising from : previous versions when changing an order item from jit to delivered and creating equipment items not related to an order. Modified Price Book Modified to make Price Book item have precedance and to use the price for the item on the order. Fixed Labor Editor Initialization issues on the Labor Editor. Fixed Labor Editor Scheduled hour calculation would not reset correctly. Modified Material Editor If Price Book is used hide Price Levels settings since they are not used in the calculation. Modified Labor Calculation If scheduled hours are not set, base cost on bill hours Fixed Material Editor Adding labor after adding mat with labor hours would not recalulate totals. Fixed Vedor/PO Selecting item for PO using Vendor settings would take the first item in the inventory. Modified Reports Rollback transaction when report query fails to open Modified Labor Editor Initialize labor rate first from customer custom, then from tech record, but override if any price book or service item rates exist (make Priority - Pricebook, service item, tech, custrate). Modified Order Convert Removed check for temp table existance before dropping the temp table since it was causing ##table errors - temp table not found. Modified Labor Editor Query for subcontractor labor rate. Fixed Proposal Refresh from sales logic query pulling in the first entry in the Sales table. Fixed Labor Editor Tech added to work group was not properly showing due to lookup for the tech. Added Tech Code Tech code 504 to fix email addresses in contacts Added Conversion Queries to update email addresses in contacts Fixed Reports Check for ' commit ' statement in query (since transaction is now started before report query is opened, and rolled back when query is closed, make sure there's no commit statement in between) Fixed Fixed Orders Non tax on fixed rate invoices (service, labor and materials) Modified Labor Editor Sub contractor labor rate is now the labor cost for labor items. Modified System Memo field issue where Memo fields and Notes fields with character counts in excess of 5000 characters were causing SME to slow down. Note: You should remove all Notes fields from your Search Views as this will greatly slow SME on order lookup and load. Modified Contracts Always show web password in contact editor. Note : Changing it for a lead does NOT change it for customer, and vice versa. Fixed Utilities Messages about record not found when recreating inventory, and the item uid, material uid or package uid are blank on the matieral link records. Modified System Changed order of startup events to GET system format settings BEFORE using them to correct issues with corrupted user.ini files. Fixed Recurring Order Customer Address info not updating when generating recurring orders. Fixed Recurring Orders Error when generating task record Added Tech Code 427 Will re-initialize service orders and recalculate those orders where custname is empty from the above issue. Fixed User Group Error changing user name. Fixed Recurring Orders Order Items would not reorder error. Fixed PO/Order Create PO from Order query was incorrect. Modified PO Receive POItem by Serial Number modified to receive JIT items before non jit items. Modified System Update table routine - only perform the update if something in the record has actually changed. Modified Proposals, Orders Modified : if billable hours > 0 use them in conversion. otherwise, use scheduled hours. Modified Proposals, Orders Modified : when posting the proposal task record, set the item quantity on the detail to either the billhours OR the scheduled hours. Modified Proposals, Orders WHAT THIS MEANS: Inputting Scheduled hours with no billing hours will allow the task to be converted on the order. - If the task record is converted with scheduled hours only, then billable hours are set to be less than the scheduled hours. The order items detail status will become 'over converted', and cannot reconvert with the billed hours. Added System Tech code 421 (autorun)update existing prop, order, recurring, ro details with the scheduled hours from task records where the billing hours = 0. Fixed Used Prepaid Services Corrected missing fields error. Fixed Notify System> Company> Notifications> Missing button to edit notification text. Modified Recurring invoices Initialize reference number with contract number. Fixed User Error when user name changes. No Change at this time. Corrected in version 7.1 Billing and Sales Due to the complexity of the issue, will not be fixed in 7.0. data is coming from 2 different contact tables (billing is from customer contact, therefore, data will not show in sales contacts). It is a fixed issue in 7.1 No Change at this time. Corrected in version 7.1 Customer Contact fields not mapping correctly - due to the complexity of the issue, will not be addressed in 7.0 - It is a fixed issue in 7.1 Fixed Customer Contacts table not open error Fixed Recurring Invoices Lost jump on customer name click removed : lookup icon (no code attached Modification Customer When copying from site, set billinguid = cust.UID, to link correctly to contacts table. Fixed Generated Recurring Orders Recopy customer name from customer when generated. Fixed Inventory Library functions called when no library is installed for converting to non inventory item. Fixed Customer Equipment MTBF field was stuck on custom field. Fixed Customer Equipment/ Material Editor Copy from inventory on new records, then override from material record Modification Inventory Limit detail deletes to admin user Modification System Tech code 414 to recalculate customer balances and invoices. Fixed Tech Code 406 The same query was being used in two different places for different things in 406 tech code. Fixed 6.3 conversion/tech code 409 Added autorun tech code 409 to correct the order details that were added/split out through the conversion process. Modified Email routines updated calls to remove/rebuild email library (untested as I don't have the lib) Fixed Order Conversion Corrected the error - An error occurred while processing temp tables. The statement has been terminated. Fixed Leads lead source and lead status not properly initialized Modification Customer Added check and prompt for open recurring orders, open recurring invoices and unexpired maintenance contracts before deactivating a customer Fixed PO Bad field name on vendor items. Fixed Customer Error in duplicating customer. Modified Proposal Extra prompt after converting proposal to an order. Fixed System Null reference when certifying. Fixed System Fixed tech code 102 Fixed Orders Fixed random uid error, I think, when cloning from orderdetail page Fixed Orders Attempt to fix UID generation through a query Fixed Home Page Update Reapplied Modification Recurring Orders Change itemtext on orderdetails for orderservices to come from invoice description, not description Fixed Recurring Invoices Refresh issue to do full refresh, vs quick refresh, as quick refresh was returning recurring records, though none matched the parameters. Modification Recurring Orders Removed restriction of one Recurring Order per customer. However… When adding an item to recurring order from grids, Added logic to search recurring orders, if there is more than one found for the customer Fixed System Notifications not opening when new order is generated. Modification Recurring Orders Modified the generate logic to generate a single days worth of records, advance the date by 1, generate single days worth of records, advance the date by 1, repeat until startdate > end date (start date is last date orders were generated, end date is start date + # of days to generate in advance. Modification System Removed 'activate field services' menu item. Fixed Bar Code Adding items on the fly from the barcode screen. Fixed System Home Screen dead spots issue corrected by component update. Modification Dispatch Positioning of remove tech button. Fixed Invoices Calculation of prepaid hours on invoices was returning the hours, not the totals Fixed Recurring Orders Spelling error on recurring services screen Fixed Recurring Orders Prompt when deleting the order Fixed Recurring Orders Don't allow editing for non existant records Fixed Recurring Orders Changing duration was calculating next date Fixed Recurring Orders Database error when changing service code on recurring order Modification Recurring Logic Added : recurrsive recurring logic - for recurring orders, scheduled services and recurring invoice What this means : if user sets days in advance to 180 it will recusively generate the orders until the date is reached, then print them all up at once Fixed System Temp tables not found error when converting/cloning proposals and orders Fixed Reports Reports for equipment Noted Recurring Orders Setting date to generate 2 weeks from today, and logging in multiple times generates same set of records. Nothing can be done. We assume user only generates once per day. Also, since it will always fall within the two week check, it will probably continue to generate. Noted Recurring Orders Report not generating correctly. Needs clarification. Fixed Orders Fixed : use service order tickets for generated ro setting (company setup, printing, recurring order), since result is service orders, not recurring orders Fixed PO Bad field name 'vpartnum' on custeq Feature Leads Added prompt to check for existing proposals before deleting lead. Fixed Labor Editor Bad field name 'total hours' Modified Conversion If system is set up to NOT estimate labor, don't copy estimated hours to bill hours. Modified Conversion Added tech code 325 - to initialize contact address/phone information from customer(sales) where address1 on the contact is not already set. Fixed Leads Delete Error when deleting a lead. Fixed Labor Editor Tracked down and fixed the 'nontaxable' flag getting set when changing the tech, and the labor item is not set. Fixed Dispatch Tracked down and fixed bad field name when updating proposal from dispatch Reinstated Vendors Reinstated tech code 102 to convert subcontractors to vendors. Fixed Projects Filter when adding items to projects Modification PO Remove restriction that items have to be equipment to include on po. Fixed Create PO from order Dataset not in edit mode error Fixed Create PO from order Initialization items from Vendor Items Fixed Order Materials Initializing items from Vendor items Fixed Projects Filter when adding items to projects Fixed Projects Filter when adding items to projects Modification PO Remove restriction that items have to be equipment to include on po. Fixed Create PO from order Dataset not in edit mode error Fixed Create PO from order Initialization items from Vendor Items Fixed Order Materials Initializing items from Vendor items Fixed Invoicing Bad field name error. Fixed Orders Field not found in quick view Fixed Conversion Copy tech notes to user notes Fixed Conversion Initialization of 'isequipment' flag on converted custeq records Added System Added autorun of tech code 107, which updates the frequency data. Fixed Recurring Orders Multiple issues. Database error when using multiple service & labor items. Generate now causing error. Next generation date was not calculating correctly. Fixed System Navigation buttons not always showing when not in debug mode. Please note. Applying views + the status filter will still result in 'bad counts' - i.e. Do Not select 'Search Closed' and add orders = closed as a filter in the view. Fixed Proposals Converting proposals Fixed Fixed Assets Fixed the search menu for Open/Closed Fixed PO Bad field name when changing shipping address to vendors' address Fixed System Splitter bar position post conversion Fixed Orders Reverse link status call Fixed Orders Double click on Customer Equipment grid not working Modified Proposals Removed Proposal adjustment ability Fixed PO/RMA Fixed various PO and RMA issues Fixed Inventory Reconcile Fixed : temp table layout for physical count, count dif. Field wasn't large enough Modified Inventory Reconcile Removed 'Accept All' and 'Unaccept All', as it is no longer correct (Was based on the physical count being null, which is no longer possible, now set to 0) Fixed Recurring Orders Name' not found Fixed Invoice Calculating invoiced status Fixed 6.0 conversion The shelf and bin was not filling in for the material detail. Fixed Invoice total Adding 'trip charge' into combined invoice totals. Fixed System Error when calculating the pricebook rates for not-inventory items and the price book is set to use either stock or fixed values. Feature System Show a record count - not doable due to fact a query loads record sets… Feature Stored Docs folder Set default folder for Stored Documents Feature Dispatch Block out unavailable tech time from dispatch Fixed Order/Invoices Lookup query for assigned to on order/invoices Fixed Inventory/edit Price Book - Is active flag removed Fixed System Document directory wasn't being store correctly Modified Packages Implemented routines for adding package items to order. (made it through non-broken, now working through broken out and group) ***logic can only take place on select package, click okay. Logic cannot take place when simply switching tabs, because record is in insert/edit mode. Fixed Labor Editor Corrected 'endtime' error. Feature Labor Editor Added option to create for 'x' days, where x is a minimum (and default) of 1. for each day, will create a labor record, incrementing the scheduled date by 1. Please note : holidays, weekends, unavailable times, schedule conflicts, etc, are not checked or calculated for. Added dialogs If record is in edit/insert mode, prompt to save record before close. Fixed Partials Divide by 0 error when converting labor records with 0 billable hours Modification Material Editor Implemented : smeroutines of apply hold logic. Modification System Implemented new home screen Implemented Material Editor Implemented library updates for create Material Link Fixed Orders Refresh tax table after library recalculates the order Fixed Prepaid hours Lost lookup when adding prepaid hours Fixed Prepaid hours Error on form for name Fixed Contracts Missing field error when equipment is found on existing contracts Fixed Vendors Contact logic from contact lookup. Rest of contact info not implemented in Vendors. Fixed Dispatch Zone filter. Added : Apply font color setting to order list items. Fixed Invoice, proposals Access violation when attempting to convert the lookup source on lists to a temporary table, when the lookup source has been lost. Fixed Invoice, proposals Fixed : lost lookup sources on the fixed totals tab. Database Tables Database rebuild required for this update! Backup your data prior to updating! Added Modified DB Added flags : addLists and addcontacts to user group table Added System Added : multiple indexes for Master Search. Fixed Invoice export Located issue preventing packaged service items from exporting to QuickBooks Fixed Packages on orders Fixed : initialization of service items in packages. Added Global Implemented new flags for lists and contacts Fixed System When adding contacts on the fly, call the logic to format/unformat the address blocks and phone fields Database Tables Database rebuild required for this update! Backup your data prior to updating! Modified 6.0 Conversion Finished : 'conversion without clone' logic Modified System Show assigned to in activities grids. Added Setup Added/implemented default doc directory Modified Global forms Modified doc directory - initialized from company setup. Added Defaults Added : default directory for documents. Fixed System Startup Startup check for recurring invoices when Canadian date format wasn't correct. Fixed Dispatch Form speed when initially opening the system Fixed Dispatch Filter on labor that was making the labor records get created, but the record was getting lost in dispatch Feature System Add cust doc directory to master records Modification Inventory Added : action menu item to inventory to convert existing data to noninventory. Prompts for confirmation, and creates a transaction record Added Utilities Added: Disable/enable triggers on inventory detail records before/after rebuild inventory logic Feature Purchase Orders Added : vendor notes to PO, so user can store vendor passwords.... Feature System Implemented : doc directory as a global form function. Button is 'directory' on stored docs tab. One per record. Initialized from 'master' record where applicable. (i.e., set on customer, will update new order records). Fixed Search Views Fixed issue with Search not opening in all modules. Implemented Orders/inventory If Non-inventory item is added to an order, hide the customer equipment flag and the vendor information, as the item is not tracked in inventory, and cannot be a piece of customer equipment. Implemented PO/Inventory For non inventory items, keep track of on order counts. Once the item is recieved, available counts do not increase. Implemented Non Inventory When a non inventory is used, no material link, no material detail, no inventory detail is created. PO items are, but when received, no material detail is created. Fixed Activities Hide, don't close, form. it isn't fully going away, even when it's supposed to be 'freeing' the form. Modification Create When starting the application, check for existance of database through query, not through getting database list. Implemented Leads Ability to be able to select a billable company for sales leads and proposals. Add Issues Implemented DateIn as date/time, not just date format Add Issues Implemented ordertype, hyperlink to jump to order. Add Tech Code 126 to update ordernumber and type for existing issues. Autorun on version change Fix Customer Article # in grid not pointing to correct field Modified Inventory Implemented non inventory flag to page Add Inventory Add - NonInventory link status code Add Inventory Add - if flagged as non-inventory, Hide tabs on inventory screen, do not process holds and link status changes (will always be noninventory status, and counts are not maintained) Add Customer Convert Date - to track when customer was converted from a lead Add Issues Added fields Order number, and order type Add Leads Added billing uid to link to billable company. Fix Orders Fixed actions on pop up menu for close/reopen. Fix System Wide Fixed status label when status of record changes Add Leads Prompt before delete if lead has proposals. Add Contracts Added close contract function to contracts Feature Customer Implemented convert date. please note ; not initialized on existing data. Feature Leads Implemented : link Leads to Billing company. Please note : not cross maintained. Changing the billing address in leads will not change the address in customer, and vise versa. CANNOT BE DONE IN PROPOSALS, as there can only be one Fixed Payments Top panel was locked out, couldn't save or cancel new payment Fixed Search Views Menu Was not initialized on startup Modified System wide Errors on date format of dd/mm/yyyy Modification View Search Move menu items around Modification Error reporting Change 911 flag to only show error, NOT put program in debug mode. Modification Error reporting Added : when an exception occurs, and the exception concerns a database error, show the error dialog box regardless of debug and showmessage flags. If the error window comes up, that means there is a database error. don't encourage the users to ignore the error. Fixed Common Services Common services with special chars in name not handled correctly Modification Views Now able to handle view w/special chars. In Process All Addressing speed issues. Fixed Calback editor fixed : missing field name when doing a 'jump to activity' from the activity list Feature Dispatch double click on unavailable time in grid brings up unavailable editor Modification All Added : tech code 915/916 to turn debug on and off. Fixed Inventory Fix : when use library, routine was creating duplicate inventory detail records for same location through the add stock location screen. Fixed Inventory Fixed : Material detail getting created with reserved quantity under specific conditions. Modification Main Use home page Added : Exclude home page from resizer processing. Fixed All Tracked down and fixed status label not changing when : viewing inactive customer, do a master search, double click on an active customer. Fixed Conversion Wasn't always getting field list for custeq and matlink in order to do the batchdump at the end of the custeq conversion Modification Conversion When doing the verify version for autoupdates, and if using the library, disable then re-enable the triggers Modification Tech Codes Added tech code 115 to disable trigges, tech code 116 to enable them. Fixed Lists When zone name changes, update vendors and invoices Fixed Proposals Reseting tax rates when changing tax group Fixed Invoicing Billing address not getting copied to invoices. Added code to clear the filter on the billing table and to not copy it if it's empty. Fixed Dispatch Saving 'all zones' preference Fixed Service Items Wrong field in use when calculating price book totals Modified Main Form Possibly finished the home page Fix Returns Credit amount was incorrect, due to tax rate not getting divided by 100. Added Proposal Copy proposal end date to order due date on clone. Fix Payments Moved datachange events to after insert edit. Reverted SME Changed exe name back to sme5 Update Report Builder "Updated to Reportbuilder 11.07" Fix VendItems Vendor and Man. part number on venditem editor were the same field when selecting 'v' when adding PO items, only search vendor table not the inventory table. Fix VendItems ref. VendItems when adding broken out package to order Fix VendItems ref. VendItems when autoreceiving PO items Feature Main form Added : home page to main screen, home button. Removed Main form Removed logic to ensure all datasets are closed between jumps. I will continue to monitor for open datasets (debug mode still shows what datasets are open) Renamed Main form Changed exe name from sme5 to sme6 DB Update Database dbase version Feature Vendor Items Added fields : MPartNum, vPartNum, Landed (as boolean), POCost, Preferred (boolean), Feature Vendor Added function : Link to Inventory - allows linking a part to specific inventory item. Feature Vendor Added function (right click menu on products) - jump to inventory Feature Vendor Item Editor : Added MPartNum, vPartNum, Preferred flag, Landed flag, PO Cost Feature Inventory Added : Vendors tab, grid, editor. in editor,only nonsub, active vendors are allowed. Feature Mat editor Added : when changing the vendor, if there is a matching vendor/item combo, update the cost from the vendor items table, recalculate pricebook settings based on the new vendor cost. Feature Mat Editor Added : filter out sub vendors from dropdown Feature PO from order If venditem is found for item/vendor combination, init cost on PO from the PO cost Feature Receive PO When receiving the item, look for item/vendor combination in item/vendor. IF the venditem is found, set Inventory cost from venditem, else, use cost from po item. ***note : Item cost is in COMPANIES currency. PO Cost may be in VENDORS currency. The 'landed' flag is ONLY for the PO cost. Future feature (not yet defined), will be to update the po costs as currency exchange rates change.(International Customers) Feature PO Items Added: 'v' button to limit inventory search to items in venditems Feature PO Items Added : when adding an item, if matching vendor/item found use po cost from venditems Fix Import Added : vendorname to lookups, fixed : trying to open dest table before defining the name Added Tech code 108 Initializes various fields in venditem table Fix Inventory Fix 1 : when new detail records were being created (for new locations), was using the wrong inventory record for initializing the new record Fix Inventory Fix 2 : recaclulate all modified inventory records at the end of the process Fix Inventory Several fixes - change to the use of temp tables vs. mem tables, which helped clear alot of the issues up, Fixed some refresh issues, ordering issues, etc. Fix Recurring orders Fixed calculation of frequency index. does not apply to 6.3, as was introduced with the change where the frequency names were changed. Fix Status label CNR status label going wonky, but am telling to update anyway. Fix CustEQuip Remove sorting from custeq tree, since modifying data that is sorted hoses it. Fix Orders Fixed : divide by 0 error when invoicing an order, and the order has 0 scheduled or billed hours DB Update Database dbase version Added PO PO to recurring order (issue 2022) Added User Default Default service item and wage item to smpuser Added Cust Eq RefNo (string) to custequip Improvement Sort order box Fixed : centering to screen. Added : up/down buttons to allow sort order changes without having to do a remove/add. Fix Dispatch Not saving/restoring zone - Fixed where not correctly using blank zone for order query Fix User Double encryption of password Fix Recurring Orders Item grouping not copying over when creating order Modification Setup Change wording on a checkbox Addition Recurring Orders Implemented PO Number Addition CustEquip Implemented Refno as a string field, user edit only, no calc performed at this time. Addition Labor Edit When assigning a tech, if the wage/service item are not set, set them from the defaults on the user table. Fix Main Form F8 functionality is missing Fix Contracts Fixed : toggle on clone logic Fix Customer Copying cust to sales lead error : Fix RMA Missing field name 'isquipment' Fix RMA receive Dataset not in edit/insert when receiving an item as a credit to an invoice Fix Orders tblOrderStatus: Field 'COLOR' not found Modification Conversion New tech code to create contacts from vendors. To fix existing data, run tech code 917. Modification Conversion Update the custeqlink in rma items from matlinkUIDs Modification Activities In the activities list; don't show the activities belonging to the current user unless they haven't been assigned to another user or workgroup. Fix Activities Fixed the description when creating an activity from a module and the module has neither a name or a custname field Fix Customer Inconsistant actions when toggling the billable fields and jumping to a billable company from a non billable company. Mod Customer Show all related company records, including 'siblings', changed/removed some fields in that grid, Fix CustEquipment Delete misspelled word in popup menu Fix CustEquipment Delete wasn't working for items that had no child items assigned Mod Vendors Moved contacts to first tab, implemented contact as lookup Fix Material Editor Calculating combo color on orders. Fix User Security Buttons showing when having readonly permissions Fix Payments Hidden error when creating a payment from anywhere but the payment screen Fix Payments Fixed subcontractor list. Added General If the database connection to MS SQL Server is lost, check for the datapath used to iniaite the session. If not found report network error. If user elects to retry connection, disconnect all, jump to start page, try to reconnect. Fix Proposals Divide by 0 error when prepaid hours/count = 0 when converting proposals to orders. Fix Itemized Orders Can't expand details on itemized invoices after adding material items. Fix Purchase Order Creating a new purchase order from the PO module Fix Email Reports Don't use old option for html email. Only use pdf attachments. Modification User Groups Double click now opens the records for editing Added Preferences Email encryption method using SSL to user table Added Help > System System info dialog box Fix Customer Customer table was encountering errors when converting a proposal where the customer did not already exist Fix Contracts Don't prompt for save on adding new contacts Fix Order/Service editor Lost lookup for subcontractors on service item editor Added Projects Zone and workgroup to tech filter search on projects Fix Purchase Order Hide the bar code entry box on barcode screen Fix Inventory Refresh issue when saving material records Added Activities Workgroup and Assigned to to Activities Added Dispatch User user zone and user work group to filters on dispatch Added Icons Changed dispatch icon to a date icon to make it different from the activities icon Added Users Default work group and zones to users - used for filtering defaults on dispatch, projects and activities Fix Activities Activities button on main form icon now matches the activities button on the module form. Fix Proposals Converting proposal to order when the customer does not exist Modified Customer Expanded customer status to 200 to match sales status Added Projects Zone and workgroup to Projects Fix RMA New button showing when rma in edit mode Fix RMA Vendor> Actions> Locate RMA Fix Material Editor Deleting non broken package items were not handled correctly Fix Material Editor Location drop down not showing correct counts Fix Material Editor You can now add item, select stock, and change location in the same material transaction. Fix Packages Non-broken out package items were added multiple times to orders Added General Remove prompt to save new records on combo box changes Fix Invoicing Misspelled 'been' when deleting an invoiced order Fix Search Master search not finding master field in master search when search type = 'notes' Fix Proposals Added cell and fax to proposal subcontractor grid Fix Customer Could not set billable contacts Fix Material Editor When in the material editor, after selecting the inventory item, bring up search dialog box for details. If the item is serialized, set quantity based on detail selection, only for serialized items. Fix Subcontractors Telephone fields in subcontractor tabs Fix Inventory/PO No longer allow empty serial numbers when adding serialized inventory Fix Inventory Stock tab not refreshing when adding multiple inventory items Fix General Now saves data where the data has a preceding space, and the space is deleted or data does not have a preceding space, and a space is added. Added Material Editor When adding/editing material details, if the 'force jit' is changed, AND non jit records are found, Prompt the user to allow autodelete of selected items, or to manually delete those items themselves before allowing the flag to change. Fix Material Editor Location queries on material editor and custeq screens Added Material Editor When clicking 'ok' on the material editor, if the selected vs wanted counts do not match, prompt the user to auto fix the quantity (i.e., user enters 5 quantity, picks 10 items, prompt will be there's a mismatch between quantity and selected, if user clicks yes, quantity gets updated to 10. If they click no, form will not close). Added Material Editor When in the material detail editor, limit the location to all locations that are not set as 'site' location, or the customer's location Added Payments Subcontractor message flag - when checked, and when saving payments, if payments are to invoices that contain subcontractor data in the order services or order task tables, then display subcontractor name and total cost. Added Purchase Order Export PO Bill flag for SQLink users. When checked, the 'export bill' on PO's, is set on receipt of material items Fix Search Master search initialization from main form removed customer equipment and material links from master searches Added Setup Made class on PO's not required, regardless of the make class required flag on setup Fix Users Order of events when editing a user, changing the password, then saving without exiting the password field. Fix Customer Showing used prepaid hours on customer info tabs Fix Invoicing Invoice screen still using old 'edit details' field, vs specific detail edit security flags Fix SLA Category If sla category = no charge, and record is not fixed, set total charge = 0