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High 5 Software Assured Performance
This document describes the details of High 5 Software support services.

High 5 Software Assured Performance includes online, email and phone support, webinars, software upgrades, and installation of High 5 Software products during business hours. Additional services are available for additional charge including training, business process analysis, handling of non-High 5 Software products, data conversion, non-business hours support, and custom reports & development.

Software Support agreement includes the following services:

Additional services are available at additional charge, including the following:

Annual Assured Performance fees will commence at the date of the initial purchase. Any additional fees and charges will be billed by High 5 Software to Customer by invoice. Customer shall pay all such fees and charges within thirty (30) days of invoice. Customers are required to be on a Assured Performance agreement, High 5 Software does not have any obligation to provide hourly support services to customers not on a Assured Performance agreement.

High 5 Software may be able to only offer limited support if you’re operating on a Microsoft operating system for which Microsoft is discontinuing support.

Remote Support

  1. The Remote Desktop Support Services by High 5 Software shall:
    1. Respond to service calls requested by authorized personnel of the Customer.
    2. Repair technical problem reported by the customer, using secure remote desktop technologies.
  2. The Company’s duties under this Agreement do not include:
    1. Remote support for any applications not covered by the Company
    2. Training
    3. Installation of equipment not previously agreed by the Company
    4. Installation of equipment not purchased from the Company, unless previously agreed.
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