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Welcome to High 5 Wiki!

Our goal is to provide a community driven resource that remains clear, concise, constructive, and above all is valuable to everyone. If you would like full access please follow the Register link.

This wiki is a website we can build together. We invite you to share your ideas and ask questions.

This Wiki will provide all documentation and information that is required for a seamless SME experience.

High 5 Software provides service management software solutions for field service companies in a variety of industries. Focusing on companies that need to manage work orders, technicians, inventory, and customer equipment tracking. Industries such as telecom/interconnect installers, security, Information Technology (IT), Fire & Safety, Fitness repair, HVAC, Electrical contractors, and many more rely on SME for daily business operations.

Updates and Revisions

  1. Introduction
  2. Support Services
  3. Administration and Setup
    1. SME Lookup Lists
    2. SME Backups
    3. System Requirements
    4. User Groups
  4. What's New 6.3 - Final Build
    1. What's New: What's Coming
  5. Roles
    1. Receptionist Role
    2. Dispatcher Role
    3. Customer Service Role
    4. Administration and Setup Role
    5. Accounting and Bookkeeping Role
    6. Customer Service Role
    7. Inventory Controller or Manager Role
    8. Field Technician Role
    9. Project Manager Role
    10. Order Entry Role
    11. Marketing Role
    12. Purchasing Role
    13. Manager or Owner using SME
    14. Technical Support Role
    15. Subcontractor Coordinator or Manager Role
    16. Roles: Sales Person
  6. Feature Details
    1. Activities
    2. Inventory Reconciliation
    3. Inventory Warehouses
    4. Notes
    5. Email Marketing Campaign
    7. Progress Invoicing
    8. Search
    9. Installing MS SQL Server 2008
    10. Finance charges/LateFees
  7. How To Articles
  8. Best Practices
    1. Best Practices: FirePro
  9. Navigation
    1. Record Navagation: Views
  10. User Interface (GUI)
    1. User Interface: Modules and Sub Modules
    2. User Interface: Buttons
  11. Dispatch
  12. Utilities
  13. Reporting
    1. Company Reports
    2. Module Reports
    3. Customizing Reports
  14. Outlook and Exchange Sync
    1. Outlook and Exchange Sync: Outlook Sync
    2. Outlook and Exchange Sync: Exchange Sync
  15. SQLink - For QuickBooks
  16. WebConnect
  17. Field Services
    1. Field Service Overview
    2. Field Services
    3. SME Field Services
    4. SME Preparation for Field Services
    5. Install SQL for Field Services
    6. Installing Field Services
    7. Configuring Field Services
  18. Affiliates and Third Party Services
  19. Contacts
  20. SME: Service Management Enterprise
  21. SME6.2 New Features
  22. SME 7.0
  23. SME Import Export Process
  24. SME Basics
  25. SMP Install (Old)
    1. Best Practices
  26. About This Manual

SQLink Help Files