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This application is now called SME Mobile for Android and can be downloaded from Google Play:

Technicians can access and update their open orders using their native SME Android application.
- Access and update open orders assigned to them in SME
- Open an order and view that customers equipment list
- Add Material, Labor, and Services to the order
- Add Services Performed
- Collect Customer Signature
- Timer to track how long the tech worked on an order
- Update order status and close orders
- Clock In / Clock Out to tracking
- Access to custom fields created for orders in SME


Download the Tech Service for SME on Android application from the Android Market.
Search for “TechService for SME”. Download the application and open on your Android.

Log In

You will need WebServices installed to run TechService for SME. Contact High5 support if it is not installed. Once installed, High 5 Software will provide you with your Company ID and Company Key which will be used when logging in.

User needs to be assigned a TechID and Web Access Password to log in.

To assign a Tech ID and Tech Password:
- Open SME and login.
- Go to Setup module > Users.
- Search for your technician or add the tech
- On the Details and Settings tab, enter an Employee ID for the tech. When your technician enters services performed on an order, the note will be time and date stamped. In the time stamp line, you will also see the Employee ID.
- On the Technician Settings tab, enter a Web Access Password.

Log Out

If you want to log out so you can login as another tech, tap Settings > Reset.

Choose sections of orders to show / hide (Preferences)

You can choose which sections of the orders you are viewing such as customer equipment and signature. From the Settings button, tap preferences (image below - the Settings button is shown at the top in the screenshot, but on some Android devices it is a hard button at the bottom of your device)

In the Preferences window, you will see all the options you can choose to show (checked) or not show (unchecked).


In the Settings menu tap Timeclock > Clock In. SME will track the time that you logged in and logged out.
Timeclock TechService.png
Go to the Tech's User Record in the Setup module and click the Log tab to view your technicians Log in and Log out times.
TechUserRecord LogTab.png

Assigning Orders to Techs

The technician logged into TechService on Android will see all of their open orders. This includes any open order where labor is scheduled for them or if their name is selected in the Assigned to field.

Updating Open Orders

Search for orders

The order list shows all open orders assigned to the tech logged in. Use the filter field at the top to search and tap the order to open.

Order Details

When you open an order, you will see the Order Navigation window. You will see the sections of the order you chose to show in your preferences. On this screen you can change the order status, select the various sections to see order details, start timer, close the order, and go back to your order list.

Navigation through the order details

In each section of an order, you will see navigation at the bottom.
Order List - goes back to your open order list
Order Nav - goes back to the order navigation window where you can change the status and choose specific sections of the order
Next - goes to the next order section

Order Summary section

In the Order Summary section you can view the site address, contact info, due date, SLA Category and more. Tap the address to map the site address.

Services Requested

Review the description of work to be completed for the order in this section.

Services Performed

Add a description of services performed / completed by going to the Services Performed section. Click Append Note and enter description as shown in image below. The entry will be time and date stamped and immediately show in both SME and TechService for Android.


View and add labor time for the order. Tap Add new labor task entry to add labor time. Labor time added in TechService will automatically update SME.


You can add material to an order in the Material section.

Material List available on TechService on Android

The materials that will be available to add in TechService on Android are the inventory items that have Show on Tech Portal checked in SME.
ShowOnTechPortal TechService.png

Allocating Stock for material added in TechService on Android

If you are creating a warehouse in SME for your technician's truck, you can assign that warehouse as your technician's default warehouse. That way, when your tech adds stock from TechService on Android, SME will allocate stock from your technician's default warehouse, rather than the item's default warehouse.
To set a default warehouse for your technician:
1. Go to Setup module > Users
2. Click Search > Search Active Users and select the technician.
3. Click the Technician Settings tab. Locate the Warehouse field and select the warehouse you use for your technician's truck. (image below)
TechPortal TechWarehouse.png


You can add service items to the order in the Services section. Tap Add new service item and tap the Service Name field to select item,
Service TechService.png

Customer Equipment

You can view the customer equipment for the customer the order is for. Tap the equipment to view details and edit custom fields if you have any setup for equipment.
CustomerEquipment TechService.png


We recommend using ES File Explorer to manage download and upload document.

In the Documents section you can view any documents added to the order in SME (the document must not be linked, but stored in the database to be accessible on TechService for Android)

You can also take a picture and upload the picture to the order in TechService. The picture will be saved in SME immediately and found on the Stored Documents tab on the order.
TakePicture TechService.png

Document Download, Modify, and Upload Guide

This guide for managing documents is good if you have a document such as an inspection form that you want techs to download, update or modify the document and upload the modified document back into SME. These instructions relate to using ES File Explorer app: Thanks to Pete from FirePro for providing these instructions!

1. Start SME App

2. Select the Service Order

3. Go to Documents, and select appropriate file.

4. VIEW the file, and use ES Downloader to download.

5. Once downloaded, OPEN FILE..

6. Choose application to open and modify the document. For example, ezPDF can be used with PDF files.

7. If document is modified, then SAVE AS (which is now placed in the DOCUMENT section of the Tablet)

8. Bring up the Service Order, go to Documents, press SELECT A FILE, and select the modified document to upload to SME (on the server)

Custom Fields

The custom fields you created in SME for service orders will show in this section if the Show in Tech Portal box is checked in the Custom Table Designer window.
CustomTableDesigner ShowInTechPortal.png


In the signature section you can collect customer signature. The signature will be automatically saved in SME on the Work Requested tab. Click the Signature button to view the signature in SME.
Signature TechService.png

If you want to show the signature on a printed work order, follow the instructions on this page: Add TechPortal Signature to Order Report