SME Web Services Installation Guide

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SME WebService Installation Guide

If you have not configured IIS, please see this guide for a more complete installation description including IIS setup: CustomerPortal and TechPortal Install Guide

If this is an upgrade of WebServices, you will first have to remove the old version before installing the new version:
1) To uninstall webservices, go to Control Panel>Programs and Features (or equivalent to remove programs)
2) Uninstall SMEWebServices
Proceed with installation of the new SME WebServices

Select Installation Address - Setting for Site, Virtual Directory and Application Pool in IIS


Select Site Name:
Site Name provides the port number for SME Web Services running on IIS. Example: Default Web Site, Port:80

Virtual Directory:
Directory name is the part of SME Web Services URL. Example: http://localhost/SMEWebServices/

Application Pool:
Setting for SME Web Services that will not be affected by application problems in other pools.
Example: DefaultAppPool

Click Next

Setting Company and Alias File Path for database connection to SME


The header name in the SME alias file.
Example: Company: Defaults
Alias File:
Connection = ExampleConn
Server = ExampleServer

Alias File Path:
File Path for SME alias file. (Slash type when entering the alias path “/”)
Example: //HIGH5/SME/smeVer7

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Confirm Installation
ConfirmInstallation WebSErvices.png

click Next

Installation Complete
InstallationComplete WebServices.png

Click Close.