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Your laptops, smartphones, and tablets just got more powerful — so did your salespeople!

Announcing Mobile Sales for SME for Preview Release Building on success of Customer Cloud for SME and Mobile Tech for SME, now we’ve added Mobile Sales for SME. This is all a part of our continuing mission to empower you to “Run a Better Service Business.”

To try a demo follow these simple steps:

Using Mobile Sales for SME:

  • If showing the home page, select Modules>Sales
  • Select various modules on the left to go to customers, Leads, Proposals, Service Orders, Install Orders, Invoices, or Contacts. On a mobile device this is an icon second from the top left.
  • Search for the record you want using the powerful search capability.
  • Filter records with the powerful filtering tool by selecting the filter icon in the search window
  • Select a record or select the square icon in the top right
  • To go back to the list, select the list icon.
  • Actions can be found in the top actions icon to do any action from anywhere.
  • Actions for a specific record can be found in the action icon at the top of the record.

Please send all feedback and suggestions to

Mobile Sales for SME is a cloud-based solution that works for salespeople across the entire sales cycle, from initial prospecting to creating proposals, work orders, invoices, and contacts. Salespeople access Mobile Sales for SME wherever they are and from any web-accessible device.

Mobile Sales for SME - Empowering Salespeople

  • Integrated with SME
    • Salespeople can track customer information and interactions from initial prospect to closed customer
    • Salespeople can make more insightful decisions to heighten service levels and close more deals
    • Salespeople can manage Work Orders for both Service and Install Orders
    • Salespeople can invoice customers to accelerate cash flow and commissions
  • Subcontractor Feature
    • View service order locations and those subcontractors located nearby
  • Fully responsive web-based application
    • Salespeople securely access the application on any web-accessible device and anywhere they have an internet connection
    • Salespeople can use whatever screen they choose or even move between screens - mobile smartphones, tablets, and laptop PCs

If you have salespeople working remotely empowering them with Mobile Sales for SME. At $30/user/month it is an affordable path to improving sale performance and your customers' experience with your business.