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High 5 Software provides hosted virtual server for SME and QuickBooks, for more information about this service see Hosting for QuickBooks and SME or contact salesperson

This wiki explains how to access your hosted server. You will need the following information initially from High 5 Software:

  • URL or IP address of your server
  • Login name for the server
  • Password for the server

* Note that the login name and password for the server, may be different from your SME login and password.

Steps to access hosted server, Direct Remote Desktop Approach

  1. Open Remote Desktop Connection from Windows, Mac, or Linux system
    1. In windows, go to your Windows> Start> All Programs>Accessories> Remote Desktop Connection
    2. RemoteProgram.png
    3. You can also use Remote Desktop equivalent programs in Apple Mac and Linux systems
  2. Remote Desktop Connection will allow you to enter your URL or IP address.
    1. RemoteDesktop.png
    2. Select Connect
    3. Select Other user
    4. Type in your user name as provided by High5
    5. RemoteLogin.png
    6. Type in your password which will be sent in a separate email
    7. Select "Remember my credentials" if you want to remember on your current computer
    8. Select Ok
    9. For the identity screen, select "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer"
    10. Select Yes
    11. RemoteIdentity.png
    12. SME will either launch automatically or you will be in the server and can launch SME.