SME 9.0 - New Features & Functionality

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SME 9.0 New Features & Functionality

SME 9.0 is available for Beta as of August 2016.

This version adds and changes the following:

  • Complete Database restructure. All tables have been moved to views and new tables created with b<TableName> signifying base table. This improves performance with a more normalized database. Although this should not affect any custom reports or external programs, all custom reports and programs should be checked for functionality in sme9.
  • Address have been changed significantly. All addresses for customers, vendors, contacts, and leads have been changed to link to an address table. All past addresses are saved to allow past orders to hold these old address changes.
  • Geo-coding on addresses. All addresses now have geo-code functionality for future dispatch mapping capability and other mapping capabilities. Whenever a address is created or changed, a webservice is called to get the latest longitude and latitude geo-coded address information. Customers can also use this geo-coding for your own custom applications that need location capability.