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High 5 Software team has been working diligently to bring you SME. This version is a HUGE backend improvement while retaining the same user interface as SMP5. Version 6.0

SME changes are backend related providing the following improvements:

  • Speed Improvement!: This version rips! It's 5 to 20 times faster than version 5 for searches, module changes, and most other functions.
  • Microsoft SQL Server: The database backend has been changed to Microsoft SQL Server. SMP works with the Express version of MS SQL so there is no additional cost to you. However, if you want to take advantage of higher end versions of MS SQL, you can upgrade with no change to SMP. MS SQL will scale with your business as an Enterprise class database supporting 1000's of users.
  • Same User Interface: End users will get all the benefits with little change in their operation of the software. No additional training will be needed for SME.
  • Install and Setup: Microsoft SQL Server is great once it's going, but is more complicated to setup. Beta customers should be familiar with MS SQL or already have it installed. High 5 is looking for partners to provide services to other customers for MS SQL setup. Please contact

.comif you are interested in providing setup services for SME.

  • Full Conversion Tools: Complete conversion tools from SMP5 to SME will be provided so you will retain all your existing data.
  • WebConnect: Web Connect improvements include publishing of the help desk and support for multiple sites allowing one corporate customer to login and generate issue tickets for all related sites.

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