Invoice Type - Fixed Total

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If you choose the invoice type of Fixed Total on an order, you can enter a fixed amount for material, labor and services. When you choose Fixed Total invoice type, SME adds an additional tab on the order called Fixed Rates shown in the image below. You enter in the fixed rates for labor, materials and services and the invoice generated will use this amount, not the itemized amount based on the labor, materials and services added to the order.

1. Create an order and on the Details and Settings tab select Invoice Type – Fixed Total.

2. Save the order and notice the Fixed Rates tab appears (image below).

3. Enter the fixed amount for labor, materials and services in the Fixed Amount column.

4. Add labor and materials to the order as you normally would. The Fixed Rates tab will show you your cost in the Item Cost column. Compare costs to your fixed rates by viewing the Item Profit column.

5. When you are ready to invoice the order, your customer will receive an invoice for the fixed amount set on the Fixed Rates tab.