Importing order items into Proposals, Service, and Install Orders

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How to import lists of items from Excel into the Order Items tab of Proposals, Service Orders, and Install Orders.

  • Excel Import File settings as follows.
    • Note that items not in your inventory will be added as item name only since there are fields in inventory that need to be correctly entered for SME to process them correctly.
  • The Excel spreadsheet only needs the following columns as shown below.
  • It is not necessary to have all columns however the columns in bold must be used.
  • Column names matter and should be entered exactly as shown below.
    • Class
    • ItemCost
    • ItemDate
    • Itemgroup
    • ItemName
    • ItemNum
    • ItemPrice
    • ItemQuantity
    • ItemText = item description
    • SLACategory
  • Your Excel spreadsheet should look as follows.


  • Right click in the Order Items tab and select ‘Import from File’.


  • Pick your import file. Excel has two extension types. Select the correct one.


  • The data will load as shown.


  • Click on the Field Mappings tab and answer No to the Prompt to reset field mappings.


  • Mach on the ItemName as it will associate the item if found in inventory.


  • Click Start and the data will load:


  • Wait until the Import complete prompt.


  • Click Close:
  • The data will load.