Duplicating Standard Reports for Custom Use

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How to Duplicate Standard Reports for Custom Use

  • Go to the ‘Report Center> Customize Reports’
  • 1 Image(1).png
  • Retrieve the report you want to duplicate from ‘Search Standard’.
  • 2 Image(1).png
  • After the report loads click on the ‘Duplicate Report’ button.
  • 3 Image(1).png
  • SME will auto fill the fields with the word ‘Custom’ and ‘Copy of’. At this time it is recommended that you rename the report to a name unique for your company or use.
  • 4 Image(1).png
  • Similar to this:
  • 5 Image(1).png
  • Save the report.
  • Click on the ‘Open Report Designer’ button.
  • 6 Image(1).png
  • When the report designer opens click on ‘File> Save As’ and rename the report.
  • Note: It is recommended that you add a prefix or suffix to the current report name as this will enable High5 support to readily assist with troubleshooting should an issue arise.
  • 88 Image(1).png
  • Click ‘Save’ and close the report designer.
  • Click on the browse ellipsis to the right of the ‘Filename’ field and select the file you saved in the step above.:
  • 7 Image(3).png
  • Click on Open:
  • 8 Image(2).png
  • Click on Save and the custom report will now be unique and ready for further editing.
  • 9 Image(1).png