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The Customer Lists tab provides access to more tabs. Here you can access all contacts related to the customer and a list of the customer equipment.


§ Contacts – Add and edit company contacts

§ Equipment – Access equipment at the customer site (also use the Customer Equipment module for more functionality)

§ IP Addresses – Hide this tab if it isn’t relevant

§ Phone Lines – Hide this tab if it isn’t relevant

§ Systems – Add your customer’s systems. Hide this tab if it isn’t relevant.

§ Subcontractors – Associate a subcontractor using this tab. It is used as reference.

Contacts – Add new contacts

  1. Select the Customer Lists tab.
  2. On the Contacts tab, click New.
  3. In the Contact Editor that opens, fill out the contact information.
  4. Click OK.

Contact Pref – select their preferred contact method (list to be customized by your SME Administrator

Contact role – select the contacts role within their organization (list to be customized by your SME Administrator)

Web Access Password - If you are using WebConnect with SME, this is where you would assign the contact a login to WebConnect.