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In the Setup module, select Company to setup user groups, customize lookup lists (drop down values), set customer defaults and more.

Setup Groups:

Company Information – Upload you logo, select SME colors and set fiscal year starting date.

System – Set password requirements, technician hours and other system settings.

Order – Set next order and invoice numbers, set default exporting to QuickBooks, set dispatch colors and various other order settings.

Customer Defaults – Set default values for customer records, create custom customer fields and decide how you want customer account numbers to be generated.

Lists – Customize the drop down values in fields throughout SME.

Common Services – Assign a key word to a block of text which you can enter into orders and notes throughout SME by selecting the keyword.

Notifications - Setup notification templates which you can assign to customers to alert user when taking action (e.g. alert user to not create an order for customer because they are past due or alert user when creating order that the customer is VIP)

User Groups - Each user needs to be assigned to a user group. The user group determines your user's permission to modules and features throughout SME. Setup user groups here.

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