Closing an Order

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When your technicians have completed the work, you will want to update the order with the services performed, make sure the Billable Qty is accurate based on actual hours your technician worked and then close the order.

To update the order, first open the order. You can use the search button to find the order, or you can jump to the order from the Order Dispatch window.

Jump to order from Order Dispatch:

  1. Open Order Dispatch and select the Day Planner tab.
  2. Select the order on your technician’s schedule that needs to be updated.
  3. Click Jump To Service at the top of Order Dispatch and the order will open.

**NOTE** If Jump To Service isn’t available in the Order Dispatch window, click Preferences and check Show Advanced Features in Dispatch Control.


Update Services Performed

  1. Select the Work Requested tab.
  2. Type the work performed on the Services Performed side, on the right.

**NOTE** You may have common services set up for commonly performed services. Right click in the services performed field, select common services.

Update Actual Labor Hours on Labor Editor

  1. Select the Labor tab.
  2. Select the labor item and click Edit. The Labor Editor will open.
  3. Update the Billable Qty field with the hours worked, or the amount you want to bill the customer for.
  4. Confirm the type of service selected in the Service Item field.
  5. Click OK.

Close the Order

  1. Click Actions and select Close Order.
  2. The order is set to Closed and will show at the top of the order.