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== Orientation of the Add Items to Order window ==
== Orientation of the Item tab ==

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Add material on a service order, install order, or itemized invoice:
1. Click the Order Items tab.
2. Click New Material.
3. Select the material.
4. The Add Items to Order window opens. This is where you can enter the quantity, change the price, select a vendor and more.


Orientation of the Item tab

AddItemsToOrder Top.png

AddItemsToOrder Second.png

AddItemToOrder Third.png

AddItemToORder Fourth.png

In the image below, the Material tab is selected and the items on the order have a "item status" selected. The item statuses have a color associated with them.
MaterialsTab ItemStatusColored.png

AddItemToOrder Fifth.png

For more information on creating purchase orders from service or install order, click Purchase Orders.

If the Item Details section isn’t showing, click Show Details as shown in image below.
AddItemsToOrder ShowDetails.png

AddItemsToOrder Six.png