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SME Version DB Version Update Action Fixed Order detail initialization from detail in recurring screen. Fixed Random access violation after generating recurring orders. Fixed Missing Price Field on Service Editor Fixed Open table errors Fixed Skip recurring order items where duration = 0, because they will always generate on startup. Fixed Startup logic to fix date range checks on startup. Published ALL the taxable flags. Fixed Removing order from combined invoice. Fixed If an order has 0 subtotal or 0 details and the invoice uid is set, calculate it at 100% invoiced. Fixed Imbalanced disable controls on error in inventory transfer. Fixed Refresh issue on transactions in transfer module. Fixed Matdetail record to be transferred not always found after a transfer (because Mastersource was linked). Fixed Calculate the 'transferred' value, don't just set it. Added Attempt to refresh the record that is showing the calculated available/reserved counts before transferring. Fixed Deleting partial and combined invoices. Fixed Order dropping from view on the daily planner. Fixed Memo rewrite due to issues with saving styles. Fixed First attempt at memo issues. Issues with the component. Fixed Moving items in recurring orders. Fixed Missing code to generate order for menu selection Fixed Progress bar for recurring orders wasn't showing progress. Fixed Date range check for startup processes. Fixed Error on new proposals, when one proposal is from cust and next is from sales, or you are on a cust record, and do new from sales. Fixed POLink not getting created. Added Purchase Order link not getting created due to an invalid field name. Added Alpha setup for inventory transfers Fixed Slowdown when calculating inventory during a transfer, if the inventory master has not been selected. Fixed Duplicate tech records in techlist on dispatch.  dunno when it broke, found by accident.  After hours and hours spent on this, I tracked it down to the site data for the customer. Fixed More fine tuning on views. Fixed Moving columns on the grid in invtory reconciliation and transfer was not indicating the column moved. Fixed Missing formatted phone fields on rma and po. Fixed Import dialog was corrupting the field list Added When applying a view, check if it won't open with in the current view, remove the view filter, then open it again. Added When creating a subcontractor record for an order, attempt to map the fields based on phone labels. Fixed Search views | proposals was using the order table. Added When saving a view, make sure the module matches the view module. (In case some one is editing an invalid view for the module) Fixed When doing a resetlayout, or when opening the form, if there's an error opening the query, rebuild the fieldlist, don't add to it. Fixed Customer name not showing on emails. Fixed Speed issue on orders page - table was left initialized Fixed Phone formatting logic was not initiliazing rolodex phone numbers. Fixed Billing company info not correctly found Fixed Quick view fixes on orders and invoices. Fixed Access violation when quickviewing an order FROM THE ORDERS page. Fixed Package item cost/retail not showing after using Search to retrieve the same package item. Fixed Service items not showing when quick viewing an order. Fixed Date range check for recurring invoices and recurring orders to include the beginning of the date range. Fixed Incorrect Billing address for the record displayed. Would display the same Billing address for all orders. Fixed Payments issue with Billname. Fixed Incorrect field name on order when adding labor was locking the labor editor. Fixed Tab order when adding services to recurring order. Fixed Link to customer contacts on recurring order page. Modified When posting records with phones - check to see if the field is 11 characters starting with 1, or 10 characters.  If so, attempt to format it, then UNFORMAT it for the other phone fields. Fixed Missing phone field errors on tech table. Fixed 'Unknown' temp mat table error causing material editor to lock up. Added Inventory transfer : Fixed : autoselect. Don't use the record if the current location = destination location. Refill the table if selected. Check to see if the table is empty before running. Selection is by location AND/OR inventory item. Fixed Invalid date format on licensing. Added Service Performed to Proposals module. Added iTranferTemplate to defaults for inventory transfer report (Inventory Transfer functionality). Fixed Inventory Delete button not functioning. Fixed Add Items to order locking up. Fixed Fixed : can't open 'add fields to grid' dialog box (devexpress change) Fixed Export inventory' set to true on new database Fixed Generating recurring invoice, sale person coming from customer, not recurring invoice. Fixed 'Edit' button not functioning on /recurring invoices/customer screen. Added When selecting a subcontractor contact, attempt to correctly initialize the phone fields from the contact fields. Fixed The requested by on proposal doesn't always work. Added fields for searchable phone fields to all tables that are used in the master search process. Added Made phone fields 20 characters long. Fixed Removed all grid begin/endupdate statements. (orders/invoices/proposal/recurring/recurorders) Fixed Customer Equipment queries. Updated Phone field lenghts (includes : phone, fax, cell, pager, billphone, billfax, mailphone, all contact table phone fields.) Added All edit masks on phones (this makes phone a 'free text' field). Added New tech code 822 to copy phone fields into the searchable fields, then reformat all existing phone numbers I could search out into '(xxx)xxx-xxxx' format. Added Class on PO items. Fixed New invoice popping up customer select screen twice. Added Summary line to recurring orders. Added ClassUID to techs so techs can have an assigned class and if set, it will be used instead of the class from the order. Added F/R - Added Class to Tech table.  If set, it will override what is set from the order.  Also, if the tech is modified, it will override what is already there. If not set, no changes take place. Added Added : 'asGroup' flag to Packages.  If set, when the package is added to an order, the package 'header' is not added, and the packages items are added with current costs/retail amounts.  This applies to both orders and purchase orders. Added Past due warning when creating new orders Fixed Cust Eq not linked to the customer. Need to run SQL Query if the customer has the issue. Added New itemized invoice was getting created instead of the Combined invoice from the customer module. Fixed Double prompting when class changes on invoices. Fixed Don't prompt on class change in invocies, if there are no details. Added Show location in flat view- also changed header from 'name' to 'location'. Added Custom fields for repair. Added Customer Equipment custom fields to customer equipment searches. Fixed Missing warehouse move logic if warehouse is not the default warehouse. Added Run the move warehouse logic when deleting a warehouse. Added When batch paying invoices (i.e., enter payment from Receivables> New Payment screen), exclude negative balance invoices, since there is now special logic to handle them. Added PO Bill Export - Added separate checks for both po export AND bill export.   If setup is to send both bills and po's, users will get 2 prompts. Fixed Installed newest version of grid components. Fixed Screwed up multiselect on search screen.  also fixed : grouping not working correctly. Fixed Inactive classes not filtered out on edit/inserts on customer screen. Added On recurring order details, only recalc next date if record is being edited, and the duration or frequency changes (means it has to be set on new records, default is current date) Fixed Package items costs/retail not showing in edit mode. Added Add refresh button to top of screen to refresh the module you are in. Fixed When changing a warehouse from active to inactive. If it's the default warehouse, prompt to reassign the default to another warehouse. Prompt for a new warehouse then change the location on all inventory items in the original location with quantity > 0. Fixed Imports - wouldn't import due to strings that are not 0-indexed in the latest version. Fixed Markup setting on material editor - was pulling in information when Markup in Inventory was unchecked. Fixed Quantity not updated on the Material Editor if you don't leave the quantity field. Item editor would show entered quantity and the details would show a quantity of 1. Fixed Maintenance contract has the following issues: The Number of Occurrences and total disappears after the recurring order is created and the Number of Occurrences and Total was off my one. Fixed Add Another functionality on cust equipment screen Fixed Don't require class on customer form. Fixed Markup setting on materila editor - was pulling in information when Markup in Inventory was unchecked. Fixed Disappearing duplicate button on doc designer Fixed Don't require class on customer form. Fixed Reindex (not rebuild) database error - erroring out when setting last index date on sysdef table. Fixed Generate Now' on scheduled services Fixed Proposals - address not correct on new records. Fixed Messages on qb dup check Fixed Order of events on customer duplicate check. Fixed Missing field 'summary' on recurring invoices Fixed New recurring invoice from customer screen. Fixed POUpdate trigger getting set on matlink Added If in qbmode, before saving NEW RECORDS ONLY, check to see if name exists in other places. Checks vendors, customer, techs, leads, inventory and service items Fixed Proposals, switch address source between customer and leads based on proposal info Fixed Help desk screen not correct, hidden access violation that was preventing the form from being correctly created. Fixed Custeq was not correctly linked to the customer but was linked to the Sales lead. The record was in the database, but it was linked to the sales lead record. Fixed Moved salesperson drop down on orders from custinfo to rates and assignments tab, andreverted the drop down to it's original-lookup-from-customer settings. Fixed Filtering when printing reports. Added UseInvoiceDate (default false) When set to true calculate past due invoices finances and the customer 30/60/90 day balances based on invoice date, otherwise, base it on the invoice due date. Removed Removed unique index on classID for class table. Fixed Database structures. Fixed Missing classuid on recurring order services. Added PO number length change Added Sub cost from price - field -    if selected, calculate order services cost is based on item retail, vs retail based on cost. Added Markup % on material items. Added QB class is required flag. Added If the class on master record changes, prompt to change class on details. If they select 'yes', then cancel changes to the master, the detail will still have been updated. If yes on combined orders, changes orders and all order details Added Lead tech to orders. This means orders will have lead tech, primary tech, secondary tech and assigned to tech. This is only implemented on orders at this time. Added Allow 0 material items, like we do with service items. Note: currently does not add to custeq if no quantity. Added Summary line - 200 free-form text line, user can enter anything. Added Emails subject lines - subject is now display label + field value + for + custname/name + summary line. Added Inventory Reconciliation - you can now create new stock locations.  HOWEVER - it will only create the inventory detail record IF THERE IS STOCK ADDED TO IT.  Simply adding the location record but not adding stock will NOT create the location record. Fixed Canadian Taxes - Must use SMP_Tax to correctly calculate taxes Added New paytype and a new paymethod to deal with negative payments. Fixed Entering a negative time on a labor record, when the customer has prepaid hours available. Fixed Worked out how to generate a negative invoice and add a payment for it. Fixed Cancel cancel out of edits for customer - forcing Save Fixed Quickjump to order from invoice history going to the incorrect order. Fixed Labor totals not clearing out when converting from a proposal, and do not estimate flag was set. Added when creating the library, always delete the existing one first. Fixed Lookup source on package items for cost and retail. No Action User wants the service description on orderservices for scheduled service records to transfer to the invoice description - suggest modifying the reports. Fixed Inventory getting stuck in 'Reserved' Fixed Due Date Required not allowing save of an invoice. Added Moved log files into log directory Modified Alt-key functions (now that they work), Alt-E now edits, Alt-P now prior, Alt-L goes last. Alt-A saves (because Alt-S bring up the system menu) Fixed Field misspelled when updating related recurring orders after changing the expiration date on a contract. Fixed Lost lookups on the labor editor. Fixed Prices not kept when posting Recurring order mat record. Added Delete log when records are deleted (placed in logs\deletelog.txt) Fixed Missing classuid on pm. Fixed Lookup indexes on detail editors for classes. Fixed Code editing/deleting on class. Fixed RMA receive screen. Fixed Add to recurring order function. Added Hint on stock grid to double click to change serial numbers. Added Linked recurring orders to contracts. Modified "Modified : changed  ""generating x of y recurring orders"" to 'Processing x of y recurring items'." Modified When checking for recurring orders, close any order where the expiration date has passed. Added ClassUID for all tables where classID exists. Added Class Fields to orderDetails, etc. Added Service code and expiration date to Recurring orders. Added Tech code 714- which initializes classname, classuid on all records. Added Class to codes list. Added Logic to update/validate class codes. Added Implemented class fields on tech/servcies/mat/detail edit screens for orders, recurring, proposal and roOrders. Added Implemented class fields on cust defaults. Added Implemented class fields on cust maint, cust, order, inventory, invoices, InvServices, Package, Leads, PO, RMA, Recurring orders, proposals, etc No Action Order # - OrderName - legacy field no longer used. Added Add scrollbar to help/about memo. Modified Change label taxgroup to tax group/code. Modified Change 'new inventory' label to 'New Material'. Added ClassID and Class to several tables Fixed Clear excise tax when 'don't tax labor' is turned on, and the order has no material. Fixed Speed issue on saving records (due to fixed fields 'data change' events getting fired off). Fixed Deleting an item from recurring orders. Fixed Fields not copied from recurring order to order. Fixed Changing an order to/from fixed invoice was not recalculating based on that selection. Added Recurring order tables (RO). Added Recurring order permissions to user group table. Added Recurring order form options to user group table. Added Generate recurring order on user prefs table. Added Recurring order to docs table. Added Recurring order to report types. Updated Report Builder to latest (still no access to SMTP.Port). Fixed Initialize the port when sending SMTP emails. Cloned Recurring invoice screen for recurring orders screen. Added Recurring Order module to main screen. Added Recurring Order securitiy settings to user group screen. Added Color settings for past due orders (default is red) Added Quick jumps for recur orders. Renamed RptMaster62.xml to RptMaster63.xml for doc entries. Finished Module screen for recurring orders. Added The three editors for recurring service module. Finished How to calculate ‘next date’ for the Recurring order details. Finished Adding in the recurring service module Added Generate logic for Recurring orders. Added Fields and logic to use LAST GENERATED dates for PM, recurring invoices, maintenance records, as well as 'days before' settings. Added Autorun tech code to set the last dates to the current date - 1. Fixed Modified markups not calculated on save if you don't tab out of field. Fixed Change all lookup icons Fixed Fixed rates not calculating if no exit Rename Rename 'doc center' and 'document center'. Modified Widen item description on repair table to match what is on custeq table. Fixed Can't select addresses when emailing report outside of debug mode. Fixed On startup, going to non-default company was not generating scheduled services. Fixed When generating multiple schedule services, change the index field name, because otherwise, the pointer goes to the end of the record list. Fixed Subcontractor on scheduled services->equipment and services not working. Fixed Manufacturer not copying from vendor items to inventory. Fixed Couldn't save editing materials in proposals. Added Add advertising link for email services Fixed When generating scheduled service, set assigned to to ss.tech info. Fixed Auto receive all on a PO was putting items into inventory, instead of linking jit items back to order. Fixed Email addresses when previewing and the addresses are in a list. Fixed Email addresses when previewing. Fixed SMTP emailing. Restored Restored functionality for qb export to iif files. actual results are untested, but are a direct copy of 6.2. Fixed Can't add new inventory on the fly from proposals. Fixed Sorting on subcontractor search Added Added Bill option fields to the smpLinksettings table : BillName Option and Use Parent name Fixed Tax materials (labor/services) only logic. Fixed Field name on name on persistent propsub table was stil misspelled Fixed Field name on servicesub record (tollfree was misspelled) Fixed Previewing in outlook before sending was adding an extra ';' somewhere. In Process Emailing report to multiple addresses is dropping all addresses after the first address. Added Tollfree fieldname fix on subcontractor editor Fixed JIT count not clearing off of po items when autoreceiving. Added Ability to re-export entire PO or entire bill Updated SmeRoutines version Added New fields to Preventive Maintenance table, subUID, SubName to pmEQ table. Fixed Mixed up lookups for fixed materials, fixed services (they were setting the same field) Changed Changes to scheduled services - changed 'included equipment' to 'equipment  & services'. Added SubContractor fields to equipment editor Implemented Serialized inventory for item receipt, RMA receipt, Stock adds. Removed Original logic for Fixed Invoices Added New logic allowing editing of the Fixed invoice total Added City, state, zip, local, tollfree phone to sub lookup queries. Added SubUID field to po item (not implemented at this time.) Added Debug conditions around calculating inventory, inventory detail totals Added Allow adding orderservices to PO (only available from the PO screen) Added Flat view' grid for custeq Fixed Assets - vehicles - maintenance screen. Fixed Delete all spaces on date strings before converting to a date when printing a report from the reports screen. Fixed Lost create event link on labor editor In Process Adding Project Totals to the SME Routines Fixed The code to tax based on parent was still there in the CA version Fixed Formatting issue on the customer message Added 'Flat View' checkbox to material items on orders and invoices. Added PropToRequested, PropToPerformed to Proposal table Added When creating a scheduled service record from scheduled services, also create a repair record. When a proposal is cloned to an order or invoice, the two flags determine whether the proposed services are to be requested, perfomed (default), or both. Fixed Taxes not calculating when billable company is non taxable. Fixed Extra ';' when using the SME address book. Added Added flag to user table : use SMTP Added Use SMTP if MAPI is not configured Fixed Master search in non-debug mode Fixed Proposal table refresh when: create new proposal, save, add order items, refresh (this was going to incorrect record) Modified Default values for qb inventory accounts Fixed Orphan inventory records. Causing Order Details to not update correctly. Fixed The 'record not found' was still popping up on filter changes. Added Changes to clone logic for proposals and orders. Fixed Working on random sequence numbering. Modified Error handling methods - SME will now write all errors to the SME log file and will turn on and off via tech support utility codes. Fixed Pop up concerning lost record call that was happening on every record change. Fixed Email address list smi-colon handling Added ability to generate random step numbers for records Fixed When exporting taxes through SQLink and the customer is not taxable use the invoice item taxes. Added Toll free number to subcontractor service record Fixed Assigned to for Orders and Invoices Modified When creating email lists separate with smi-colon Added Copy Vendor Tollfree number to Subcontractor record when subcontractor is added to an order. Added Toll free number to subcontractor grids Removed Clear Grid option on activities screen Fixed Invoices not showing in projects Fixed Add Columns' logic on subcontractor grid in proposals Fixed Double click functionality on subcontractor grids Fixed ordernumber not on emails when not using Outlook Modified Email now integrates with the client default email program Added UserNotUsingOutlook Option to User Preferences Added Expanded reference numbers to 120 characters Added Expanded Stored Docs path to 200 characters Added User option to turn off not using Outlook for email Added Send attachments from SME email Removed option to not send PDF reports - all reports will be in pdf format Added If doing a quick jump and the record is not found notify the user Modified Email now integrates with the client default email program Added SME Address Book to the user table Modified All memo fields, image fields, blob fields to vchar and varbinary types Fixed Recurring details not open error on recurring invoices. In Process Attempting to track down printing error locking up SME occuring on some systems. Added Clear JIT counts in inventory Added Tech Code 429 to clear all JIT counts and recalculate all inventory Fixed Several subcontractor issues Fixed Tech Name was not getting initialized when the record was new and the name was changed. Added Fields for field service application Modified PO Export - PO will now export on creation, will also export on receipt of Bill if set to send Bill. Added Fields for field service application Added Fields for custom modifications Added Subcontractor now uses cost% as a markup Added Not To Exceed & Qnotes to subcontractor selection screen Changed We now use Subdetails - were using Vendor details for subs Changed All fields are now editable for subs Added Checkbox - if checked the assigned to on order will be overwritten by subcontractor information Added Retail price to equipment records on Scheduled Services Fixed Editing Activities from some modules Added Costs and Profits on grids Fixed Assigned to on Proposal not selectable Changed F10 won't open Roldex - changed to Ctrl-F10 as F10 was assigned to another function Fixed Contract misspelled Fixed Close button on the calendar Fixed Activities error when editing activities In Process More changes on activities error Fixed Imbalanced disable/enable on material editing screen Fixed Deleting a JIT item was putting it into inventory Fixed Printing reports from Dispatch In Process Errors on Activities - random errors when editing or saving activities Fixed Speed issue on saving orders Added Don't use SQL Data connections until needed to reduce load on MS SQL Server Added Jump to Recurring from contracts Fixed Scheduled Services data input process Changed Callbacks' to Activities in all modules Fixed Cloning maintenance contracts with blank fields Changed Export PO when item is received - not when PO is created Fixed Show items On Order when none in stock Fixed Cloning PO leaving Items as received In Process Updating stored procedures Fixed Detail total calculation when the slacategory table is empty. Fixed Calculating summarized total details. Fixed Rtf commands showing in grids. Fixed Detail charges when using SLA categories. Fixed Calculations on edited prices incorrect when converting to % invoices. In Process Formatting information back on memo fields. Fixed Start time on schedule grid is in date/time format, when it should only be time. Fixed Access violation when trying to add assets to order. Modified Don't initialize mailing address from billing. Modified Move included equipment tab on scheduled services to be second tab. Modified Disable edit/add buttons based on user group settings. Modified Initializing the PO item m Part number. The manufacturer's part number will be initialized from the order only. Modified Add total cost fields to grids. Modified Adding the CLR library when using MSSQL 2005. Fixed Whether adding an order to a combined invoice from the order screen(creating) or the invoice screen, orders will now be processed the same way material links updated and the order going to invoiced state. Fixed Hunted down and fixed the access violation when adding a common service to order or invoice (though NOT from other places), then going to company setup. Fixed/Updated Maintenance contracts and recurring invoices Fixed Using inventory views for inventory search when adding to an order Fixed Saving records that don't have audit fields on them. Fixed Total selected calculation on the prop convert screen Fixed Update the order detail quantity after partial convert from a proposal Fixed Emailing and re-emailing a report Replaced The shellexecute command for the called scan program to use a launcher instead. Fixed Cloning maint record not copying description Fixed Buttons squished on customer screen Added Include email address from 'assigned to' data. However it cannot be the default address. Evaluating QB keeps prompting for removeable drive Version Check Error (invalid typecast) when adding data to an order Fixed Error on data rebuild when warranty/maintenance already exists Added Create default values when creating tables. For instance all integer, $, etc are set to 0, all boolean values are set to false, unless a default is defined. Added Command lines for scanning/display programs to sysdef and user tables. Implemented Scanning/displaying programs on sysdef and user tables Added Clone logic to customer maintanance contracts. Fixed Initial screen size Evaluating Serial number not in item selection screen Fixed Sort order error on search queries that have been hard coded in the code Fixed Duplicate entries in assigned to combos Fixed Repositioned search button for assigned to in proposals. Fixed Message buttons not showing on customer notifications Fixed Search results grid not returning information correctly. Added Add proposal quickview to leads Evaluating Email errors - need more info. Fixed Project issues - totals no longer include data from closed proposals. Fixed Various Dispatch issues