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User Group Security & Productivity for Service Management

Create specific work groups and set privileges to each group to hide specific functions or tabs that may be unnecessary for a large group of users. Get the information you need much faster and beef up security by hiding sensitive documents or information.


  • Hide unwanted views or modules from users or departments that don't need full software access
  • Define user roles and permissions
  • Restrict modules from certain user types
  • Set parameters on specific information and authorize data for specific users


  • Get the information you need faster by eliminating the areas unimportant to each user's expertise
  • Increased company security and data integrity
  • Designate Certain users into specific categories with shared access and relevant viewing ability
  • Customize and categorize user interfaces for easier and more productive use
  • Allows for more administrative power

User Groups
User Groups in SME Screenshot

User Clearances
User Clearances in SME Screenshot

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