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SME Mobile Tech Portal is a user friendly web-based application that provides your field technicians with the ability to access and update their work orders, capture signature, add new orders, and add material, labor and services to orders. Changes made to the orders in SME Mobile immediately update SME.

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Access open work orders
Technicians can log into SME Mobile from anywhere you have internet connection to review all of their open orders. Easily sort and search for orders.

Update orders
Update the order status, enter services performed, add material, add labor, add services, view site notes, and even update the custom fields. Changes made in SME Mobile will immediately save in SME back at the office.

Add Material, Labor, and Services
Your material and service items in SME are now available for your techs in the field. You techs can add material to the order by selecting the item number, add labor time and add service items to order. These are saved directly to SME.

Collect Customer Signature
Technicians can collect customer signature on the spot. If using a laptop, customers will sign using the computer mouse. If using mobile phone, customers will sign using their finger on the touch screen. Signatures captured are saved in SME on the Work Requested tab.

Add new orders
Technicians can even create new orders in the field and the order will be saved in SME

Access unassigned work orders
Technicians can view all open work orders that haven't been assigned to a technician yet. Open the work order and assign it to a tech to take it off the Unassigned tab.

View, update, and add Issues
If you are using Issue tracking in the SME Help Desk module, your technicians can access, update, and add issues.


  • Using laptop or desktop - supported browsers include FireFox and Chrome.
  • Using mobile devices - supported devices include iPhone, Android, BlackBerry Torch 9800, iPad, and Android Tablets.
  • Requires SME version 7.2 or higher with SQL server in the "back-office" or cloud server.
  • High speed internet connection to back office recommended, especially as more techs are accessing.
  • WebServices for SME is required and runs on Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) available on most Windows workstations and servers.
TechPortal Demo Video
SME Tech Portal Demo Video


TechPortal - Orders Screenshot
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TechPortal on Android
SME Tech Portal on Android


TechPortal on iPhone
SME Tech Portal on iPhone


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