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The Defaults Modules provide you with tools for setting up your software operations to assist your users with efficiency in their daily work flow. They administrate basic software operations, company information and individual user settings, making the management of your company more efficient.

The Company Defaults Module manages global operations. The User Administration Module administrates a comprehensive system of user security. The My Profile Module allows the flexibility for individual users to define performance.

Follow this link for the minimum and recommended hardware specifications to run Service Management Enterprise (SME)


  • Company Information Allows you to set up your basic company information, including your company logo.
  • User Defaults Provides a detailed template for your database administrator when setting up new users.
  • System Defaults Defines the basic operations of your software, such as password use, data re index, fiscal year definition, and bar code scanning.
  • Printing Provides print preferences on a per-report/form basis. Choose from a variety of print styles and destinations, set up mailing labels, and print blank forms for your technicians.
  • Order Defaults Set up tracking numbers for orders, invoices, RMAs and purchase orders, and edit systems, service codes and warehouse lists.
  • Terms Provides customization of your billing terms lists.
  • Customer Defaults Provides a basic template for use when adding new customers to your database.
  • Common Service Allows you to define unlimited auto-text entries for use when entering services requested and provided on your service calls and installation orders.
  • Personal Info Define user names, passwords and basic employment information.
  • Module Security Clearances Provides your administrator with the ability to limit or grant access to read and write access, at the module level for each user.
  • Administrative Clearance Provides clearances on a per-user basis to sensitive database operations.
  • Preferences Allows the administrator to set up basic software operations and print destinations for each user. Users may also change these settings as desired from the My Profile Module.
  • The My Profile Module allows each user to edit basic preferences, print destinations and email settings.

Please follow this link to see the customization strategy when integrating SME into your business.

Company Customization
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Technician Setup
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MSFT SQL Server Express
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