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Service Management Enterprise (SME) is a robust system designed especially for service companies. It provides the tools to manage your customers, staff schedules, maintenance, inventory and more. SME uses a Microsoft SQL database and can be used to sync with QuickBooks data or your Outlook schedules, tasks, and contacts. Web access is also an available feature to give your technicians and customers a portal to create, edit, and manage work orders.

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  • Track Service/Work/Install Orders
  • Customer Relationship Management gives employees an automated and structured approach toward clients
  • Single Point Entry Saves Time and Improves Process
  • Automated Proposals that Convert to Orders
  • Complete Inventory Management Including Multiple Warehousing, Bar-coding & Serialized Tracking
  • Complete Service & Technician Management with Maintenance Contracts & Scheduled Service
  • Email & Direct Marketing Resources
  • Manage field technician schedules and handle dispatch duties
  • Make reporting easy with your data all in one place and customized reports
  • Integrate With Additional Vital Enterprise Software for Complete Solution; QuickBooks, Outlook, Salesforce, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Follow this link for the minimum and reccomended hardware specifications to run Service Management Enterprise (SME)

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Service Management Enterprise


Customer Testimonials

   "After implementing the system our operations and profits improved after only a few months. As a business owner, I can tell you that the Return on Investment for the SME software has already been multiple times the cost of the system - and we haven't even been using it for a year."

Christopher E. Hugman
Safe Sight
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   "Over 15 years with High 5 Software, I am comfortable knowing their software will deliver what they promise. The manpower and labor we save on a yearly basis is insurmountable."

Gary Horn
Tip N Ring
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   "SME automated our process, reduced excessive costs, and eliminated inefficiencies in our technician tracking and billing. SME gives a customized solution for any service business."

Burke Smith
AMCO Distribution
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

CRM Screenshot
CRM Screenshot

QuickBooks Gold Developer

Microsoft Gold Partner

Maintenance Contracts:

Contracts Screenshot
Contracts Screenshot


Sales & Lead Tracking:

Sales Screenshot
Sales Screenshot


Work Order Management:

Orders Screenshot
Work Orders Screenshot


Project Management:

    Assign proposals, service, work, and install orders or invoices to projects with drop down menus

    Create multiple orders or invoices from one proposal to manage even the largest projects

    Complete stored document management

    Progress bars to track billing and project status until completed

    Follow this link for more about the Projects feature.

Projects Screenshot
Project Management Screenshot



    Day, week, 2 week, and monthly schedule/project views

    View and schedule technician orders

    Track available time and total scheduled time

    Automatically update technician logs and service work histories to keep up to date records on work orders

    Follow this link for more about the Dispatch feature.

Dispatch Screenshot
Dispatch Screenshot



    Purchase order tracking to monitor all inventory ordered and received

    Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) facilitation

    Create packaged inventory to ease invoicing and orders with set price levels

    Set reminders for stock and inventory replenishing points to notify yourself when to make reorder supplies

    Follow this link for more about the Inventory feature.

Inventory Screenshot
Inventory Screenshot



    Track data for any asset including vehicles or computers and store maintenance or warranty records for all assets

    Complete asset history of services performed, maintenance, depreciation, and identification

    Maintain your company's vehicle fleet data with handling maintenance, fuel receipts, mileage, and anything pertinent to your business

    Set reminders and recurring invoices

    Follow this link for more about the Assets feature.

Assets Screenshot
Assets Screenshot


Receivables & Invoicing:

    Forecast expected revenue and provide detailed tracking of billing information, invoices, payments, statements and invoice credits

    Recurring invoices

    Partial and progress billing

    Full integration with QuickBooks for a complete solution free of double entry

    Follow this link for more about the Invoice feature.

Invoicing Screenshot
Receivables & Invoicing Screenshot


Help Desk:

    Comprehensive knowledge base and help desk functionality for technical support

    Document problems and solutions for customers and employees

    Advanced search fields and unlimited text fields

    Separate database from SME data with the same functionality and software wide integration

    Follow this link for more about the Help feature.

Help Desk Screenshot
Help Desk Screenshot


Reports & Document Management:

    A large collection of accessible reports are pre-made and ready for you to personalize

    Create invoices, reports, and order forms with company logos and other theme customization to fit each business style

    Forms are compatible with black & white laser printers, all forms include print-friendly (black & white with less shading) versions, as well as simpler versions for dot matrix printers.

    Pictures, documents, files, orders, tickets, equipment lists can all be accessible with one click.

    Follow this link for more about the Reports feature.

Reports Screenshot
Reports Screenshot


User Groups:

    Hide views

    Designate Certain users into specific categories with shared access and relevant viewing ability

    Increased company security and data integrity

    Get the information you need faster by eliminating the areas unimportant to each user's expertise

    Follow this link for more about the Users feature.

User Groups Screenshot
User Groups Screenshot



    Requires data link to a Microsoft SQL server database

    Express version is free and can hold up to 4GB of data

    Complete administrative ability to grant access and privileges for any user

    Concurrent licenses pricing allows for more users depending on how often software will be used

    Follow this link for more about the Setup of SME.

Setup Screenshot
Setup Screenshot


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