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QuickBooks Compatible Invoicing for Service Industry

Receivables Modules:

Allows you to forecast expected revenue and provide detailed tracking of billing information, invoices, payments, statements and invoice credits. Full integration with the rest of the software ensures that your receivables adjust with the use of other modules.

Invoicing, Payments, & Recurring Billing Modules:

Allows you to work with individual invoices, facilitates the posting of payments to individual invoices, and set up or generate recurrent billing.


  • Data Entry and Display Tabs
  • Totals, Shows individual and summary charges
  • Payments, Shows payments received
  • Services, Shows services requested and performed
  • Labor, Shows technicians assigned and their time
  • Materials, Shows equipment and products
  • Rates, Shows a customer rate summary; choose technician or customer default rates for billing
  • Customer, Shows basic customer record information, account aging, and provides access to site directions, customer notes, and sales notes
  • Invoices, Displays a list of additional open invoices for the customer
  • Service History, Shows a full history of service calls and installation orders


  • Full invoicing capabilities
  • Progress Invoicing for partial billing
  • Data link for complete synchronization with QuickBooks
  • Includes statements and past due notices.
  • Order-based and independent invoice creation.
  • Automatic update of account information, customer history, and sales journal
  • Full account aging
  • Automated invoice numbers or create your own.
  • Use autotext entries for common services
  • Complete payment, deposit & credit tracking
  • Distribute payments among multiple invoicesli>
  • Credit memos and payment & deposit receipts
  • Cost analysis reporting
  • Add inventory on-the-fly
  • Purchase order requirement flags and controls
  • COD tracking and shipping specifications

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Recurring Invoices
Recurring Invoices in SME Screenshot


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