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QuickBooks Synchronization:

High 5 Software is a leader in service management integration with QuickBooks

As you know, QuickBooks is a powerful program, but it was not designed to manage and track Service Orders, or Serialized Inventory. Service Management Enterprise (SME) manages and integrates important data including:
  • Customers, Vendors, Subcontractors
  • Invoices, Receivables, Payments
  • Payroll, Hourly Rates
  • Tax Codes / Groups
  • Advanced Inventory Tracking
  • Track Inventory through Multiple Warehouses
  • Sales/Proposals/Lead Tracking

Spend less time entering data, and more time making money!

  • Synchronize customers, vendors, items lists, tax codes, employees, invoices and payments between QuickBooks and your service management software
  • Eliminate double entry!
  • Track all of your company records, assets, contacts with an all encompassing solution
  • Advanced inventory tracking
  • More reporting capability and better data accuracy

Here is how the SQLink handles your QuickBooks information in SME

Customers Full two-way sync. Add or modify in either program.
Customer Balances Full sync.
Invoices from SME Invoices in SME fully transfer to QuickBooks.
Invoices from QB QB invoice goes to SME for balance purpose, no detailed items. (Can not be Edited in SME.)
Payments Can enter payments in QB for QB or SME. (Can only enter payments for QB invoices in QB.)
Tax Codes and Groups Controlled by QB. (Enter new tax codes in QB)
Terms Controlled by QB. (Enter new terms in QB.)
Items in QB Full sync of inventory, non-inventory, service, wage, discount items.
Items in SME Option to sync with QB or not. If not synced with QB, use SMP_Item for invoices.
Inventory Groups SME Packages = QB Inventory Groups.
Inventory Assemblies Does not sync.
Weekly Timesheet SME labor item records sync with QB weekly time sheet. Shows customer name and job number. Time sheets must be turned on in QB.
Wage Items Synced from QB.
Vendors Full sync.
Subcontractors Sync of 1099 vendors as Subcontractors in SME.
Subcontractor Bills Assigned a subcontractor in SME creates a bill in QB for sub.
Purchase Orders (PO) Optional sync with QB.
PO Bill Sync with QB when items received and the PO is Closed. (No partial receipt)
Employees Sync to SME as technicians.
Class tracking Full sync of class tracking on labor, material and service items.
Accounts Synced for use of assigning accounts for item syncing.
Credit Memos Synced from QB. (Need to be applied to an invoice.)

Follow this link for more about the SQLink feature.

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