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Service Industry Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Customer Module tracks every aspect of your most valuable asset, your customers. Customer records are accessible throughout the program, increasing the efficiency and productivity of your staff. For a more detailed overview on what exactly CRM is please follow this link: CRM Defined

Customer Module Screenshots:

Customer Module for the Service Industry

Customer Work Order History

Related or Associated Customer Records for the Service Industry

  • Complete customer service history tracking with notes feature
  • Actions function allows you to move customers and contacts to the next step with ease and without a loss of information
  • Set follow ups, reminders, and email notifications with activities function
  • Fully synchronized with customers from QuickBooks
  • Track and maintain customer maintenance contracts
  • Automated task notifications and tracking
  • Complete site information for driving directions, billing, and subcontractor information
  • Track customer-specific billing information (labor, material, tax rates, etc.), system information (installation, maintenance and warranty contracts), equipment lists, phone lists, and invoice history
  • Save time and minimize errors by copying site data to the billing section
  • Access specific service calls and hold a complete service history for any customer
  • Automate your work flow with defined preset reminders and email notifications
  • Enable recurring tasks for account maintenance or services for easy task management
Special Features:
  • Customizable field labels
  • Use auto text entries for common services
  • Copy site information to billing tab
  • Add customers to Contacts Rolodex
  • Move customers to inactive status
  • Generate orders and invoices directly from within the Customer Modules
  • Email statements and past due notices
  • Use the Message Center and Periodic Maintenance Module for automated task notification and tracking
  • Set up maintenance contracts and automated recurring billing using the Contracts Module
  • User-defined or system-generated customer numbers
  • Preview and print customer data and a variety of reports
  • Enter customer notes and sales notes for each customer record


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