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Service Management Enterprise (SME) mobile products provide field technicians access to service orders through a web browser or through native mobile application.

SME Mobile for Androidâ„¢
SME Mobile (TechPortal)
SME Mobile for Subcontractors

"Our technicians would never go back to the paper system now."

Brian Anthony
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SME Mobile on Androidâ„¢

Do you need your technicians in the field to access open service orders assigned to them so they can update the orders with services performed, add material and time, update order status, and capture customer signature? The native Android Application may be the perfect fit.

SME Mobile (TechPortal)

SME Mobile previously called TechPortal is a great alternative for technician's that need to access open service orders assigned to them to update orders. Access through a web browser so your techs have more flexibility in accessing their open orders. Access through a web browser on your Windows or Apple laptop, from your iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone, Apple Mac, or Blackberry.

Comparison of SME Mobile (TechPortal) versus SME Mobile on Android
The key differences between these two solutions is that the TechPortal version is accessible by any browser system such as any touch Laptop, Smartphone, PC, Tablets, iPhones, etc while the Android version is a native Android application so only works on Android devices, both smartphones and tablets. In addition, the TechPortal tends to be a bit ahead for new features from customer requests.
The advantage of SME Mobile on Android is that it continues to operate in a disconnected state, i.e. with no internet connection, while TechPortal requires internet connection like any web page. Another advantage of the SME Mobile on Android is that it's very focused for handling service orders for technicians so it's easier to train techs on the usage.
For more details of the differences, see this document SME Mobile Browser versus Android

SME Mobile for Subcontractors

SME Mobile for Subcontractors is a user friendly web-based application that provides your subcontractors with the ability to access and update their work orders, capture signature, and add material, labor and services to orders. Changes made to the orders in immediately updates SME.

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