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SMO and SME are for very different markets and businesses
This guide will help determine if your business should use SMO or SME

Choose SME if your business needs the following capabilities:

  • Inventory Management: SME has extensive inventory management with multiple warehouses, serialized inventory, and detailed inventory counts.
  • On-premise solution: SME is offered on-premise on your in house servers.
  • Microsoft SQL Server: SME runs on Microsoft SQL server allowing you to leverage other MS SQL tools and capabilities.
  • Recurring Invoices and Recurring Orders: SME handles robust recurring invoices and orders.
  • Maintenance Contracts: SME supports maintenance contracts connected to customer equipment and recurring invoices.
  • Customer Equipment Management: SME has extensive customer equipment management with hierarchical views, warranty tracking and custom fields
  • QuickBooks Sync with SQLink - SME to QuickBooks synchronization: Most robust QuickBooks synchronization in the market with QuickBooks Gold certification.

Choose SMO if your business needs the following capabilities:

  • Online, hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution so no servers or infrastructure is required for your business
  • High speed, searchable, online solution available on any browser including Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Smartphones, and Notebooks.
  • Help Desk ticketing system
  • Work Orders with items, tasks, and totals
  • Item management without inventory management
  • QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online Sync through Intuit Anywhere and Intuit Sync Manager on Intuit Partner Platform

Detailed Comparison, SME vs. SMO

Area/Module Feature SME SMO Notes
Deployment On-Premise or Hosted Client/Server Saas/Cloud SME offers hosting option. SMO requires no additional equipment for customer
Leads/Prospects Yes Yes
Proposals Yes No SMO has order status: proposal, approved, workorder, invoice
Direct Marketing Yes No
Email Marketing Depricated No SMO API
Customers Yes Yes
Customer sync with QB Yes Yes
Customer/Job Site Hierarchy Yes Yes
Account Yes No
Rates Yes No
Install Info Yes No
Customer History Yes Yes
Notifications Yes No
Stored Documents Yes Yes
Notes Yes, multiple types Yes
Activities Yes No
Custom Tabs Yes Yes
Contacts Contacts Yes Yes
Maintenance Contracts Yes No
Contract Management: Hours or Dollars Yes, Prepaid Hours & Services No
Customer Equip Inventory/Fixed Assets/Equipment Yes No
Service Service Orders Yes Yes SMO has "jobs"
Service Requested Yes Yes SMO need message types
Service Performed Yes Yes SMO need message types
Item List Yes Yes
Labor/Task Yes Yes
Materials Yes Yes
Services Yes Yes
Link to Equip/Fixed Assets Yes No SMO: need improved design from SME
Assets Yes No SMO: Link Customer fixed assets and Tenant fixed assets to order
Subcontractors Yes Yes SMO: Not a separate tab for subcontractors
Assignments Yes Yes
Stored Documents Yes Yes
Notes Yes Yes
Custom Tabs Yes Yes
Close Order Yes Yes
Invoice Order Yes Yes
Taxes on Order Yes No SMO: Need to show on orders and total
Rental Partial No
Install Install Orders Yes No
Projects Projects Yes No SMO: Jobs
Scheduled Service Yes No
Recurring Order Yes No
Time Entry Tech enters time to job/order Yes Yes SMO: Tech time entry, weekly time entry, supervisor time entry
Dispatch/Schedule Yes No
Signature Capture and Display Display Only Yes
Invoicing Yes No SMO: Invoices sync into QBO
Payments Yes No SMO: Handled in accounting
Recurring Invoices Yes No
Inventory Stock Yes No SMO: Handled in accounting
Packages Yes No
Service Items Yes Yes
Vendors Yes Yes SMO: entities
Purchase Orders Yes No
Returns Yes No
Transfers Yes No
Assets Assets Yes No SMO: Fixed assets for customer and tenant
Help Desk Help Desk Yes No SMO: Work orders only
Reports Show Reports Yes Partial Build out required reports
Customize Reports Yes No SMO: Need tenant security
Full reports available, and business Yes No
Users Yes Yes
User Groups or Roles with Security Yes Yes SMO: Need user access security, grant rights for access
Company Settings Yes Yes
Auto Email Incoming emails go into the system Yes Future
Incoming emails create order Yes Future
Outgoing email on activity Yes Future
Outgoing email on open order Yes Future
Outgoing email on status change Yes Future
Outgoing email on close order Yes Future
Configurable email format Yes Future
Configurable events for email Yes Future
Outgoing event to Tech schedule Yes Future
Customer Portal Yes Future
Login Yes Future
Select Jobsite Yes Future
New Issue Yes No
View Issues Yes Future
View Service Orders/Jobs Yes Future
View Install Orders Yes No
View Invoices Yes No
Help Desk Info Yes Future
Show Equipment Yes Future
Show Documents Yes Future
Show info (aging) Yes No
Create account Yes No
Add service order/job Yes Future
SME Mobile-Techs
Login Yes Yes
View Service Orders/Jobs Yes Yes
View Install Orders Yes No Only one type of work order in SMO called "jobs"
View Invoices Yes Yes
Help Desk Info Yes No
Add service order/jobs Yes Yes
Mobile Support Yes Yes
Sub Portal
Login Yes Yes
View Service Orders/Jobs Yes Yes
View Install Orders Yes No
View Invoices Yes No
International/Global English Only Any Language SMO just needs label conversion file
Edit Account Yes Yes SMO managed by company/tenant admin only
Change Password Yes Yes
Forgot Password Yes Yes
Logout Yes Yes